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St. Stephen's Christian Community

33479 8th Ave, Mail c/o 7388 Grand Street • Mission, BC V2V 3S2 • Canada • 604-820-8138 • Congregational

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Who we are

St. Stephen's is an inclusive community which welcomes all people to participate with us in worship, education, and service to the community. We are a loving, caring spiritual community providing tolerance, support, and a safe place to grow in faith, and share doubts. Together we explore what it means to live the way of Christ, and we seek to make a difference in our community and our world.


St. Stephen's is built on the strength of its worship. In gathered worship God prepares us for the mission of the church. Our worship services combine elements from various Christian traditions into a worship form that seeks to to meet a variety of needs while remaining grounded in Christian faith. The services are intergenerational and seek to balance broad involvement with quality worship.

The metaphor of the wounded healer describes St. Stephen's vision of pastoral care. While each of us is wounded and working toward healing, we can support one another in times of crisis, stress, loss, or loneliness.We seek to involve the congregation in ministering to one another through visitation, practical help, and compassionate listening. In this we experience the love of God.

Recognizing the spiritual and social needs within the community around us St. Stephen's seeks to share its hope and faith with others. We recognize that we do not have all the answers, nor do we have sufficient resources to deal with the problems on our own. Therefore we seek to work within a community network to address the needs.

We also believe that the gospel beckons us to stand with our sisters and brothers around the world in the pursuit of justice and equity for all. We currently support an orphanage in India and contribute to the Canadian Food Grains Bank. We have participated in the effort to pressure the Canadian government to take a leading role in the banning of landmines. We believe that these efforts are an important part of St. Stephen's ministry.

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Our Services & Events

Worship and Church School

9:30 am Sunday

Lectionary Study

7:30 pm Tuesday

Readings in Spirituality

8:00 pm Wednesday

Our Staff

Dan Reist