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All Saints of Christendom Church

Meeting Sundays- 12 Noon, Creekside Community Ctr. - 98th & Penn • Bloomington, MN 55431 • United States • 952/220-4384 • Anglican

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Who we are

Hello, and thank you for visiting our fledgling website. We are a mission parish that has come about via the Continuing [Traditional] Anglican Jurisdictions, initially created to stem the tide of un-biblical teachings within the Episcopal Church, which now affect all of the Churches in the West. As a mission, we are in the process of establishing our identity as a parish, and encourage your questions, prayer concerns, and participation in this work of grace that seeks to give all glory to God Almighty. As a mission, we are in need of forming a core group of devoted Laymen to govern and lead us, so that Vestry and Rector, (the "elders" and the "Pastor") together, can "equip the saints for the work of the ministry." [Eph. 4:12] While the pastor will lead, delegation of responsibility is a watchword with this parish. As a Liturgical Church, however, we follow the explicit Pattern of Worship laid down by the Apostles, for liturgy - or, the work of the people, goes back to the days of the Early Church. There is no room for experimentation in the worship of God, for the law of prayer (how one worships) is the law of belief (what one believes). There is need for congregational participation in liturgical worship, and everyone has a part to play. Music- good music, sung by a vocally alive congregation, is one of our distinctives, but music that glorifies God, and not merely to make a noise- joyful or otherwise! The Enquirers Class is set up so that we can answer questions on these and all other topics, if you have doubts or have never worshipped in a truly biblical fashion before. We desire: Men who wish to follow God, as well as to lead His People, as the heads of the Tribes led the people of Israel in their sojourn, [Num. 1:16, Deut. 5:23] and spoke of God and His Law to their children. We desire: Women who will become the vessels of grace that God desires them to be, learning in meekness and teaching the younger [I Tim. 2:11, 3:4]. We desire: godly Children, who respect their elders, and seek to devote their lives to serving and loving God with all their hearts [Eph. 5:1,6:1-3]. We seek: Elders to be our parents in establishing a true community that is a Family, and not just a group in name only [I Tim. 5:17]. We actively encourage our members to homeschool their children, and are a 'Quiverful-friendly' parish. We maintain ties to a local Homeschool Co-op for that purpose. We are also a 'Black Regiment' church, called to witness for a return to a Biblical American form of Government.

What we believe

While we use the Anglican 1928 Book of Common Prayer, (the last great attempt at a balance between catholic and protestant traditions) for our primary source of Worship, we use as well the 1958 Lutheran Service Book, as we are the heirs of the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church in our part of the country; we also do so, because of the great riches to be found in the SBH for our hymnal. We practice Holy Communion regularly, but enjoy the services of Evening and Morning Prayer, which (when used properly) teach the Entire Bible in one calendar year! No other church tradition does things in so consicously biblical a fashion. We firmly believe in the Bible (the whole Bible!) as the very Word of God. We use the Authorized Version (what is commonly called the "King James") and/or the NKJV. We Believe in the Virgin Birth as the great Miracle of the Incarnation, wherein "God truly became Man" to save His people from their sins." [Matt. 1:21] We believe in the forgiveness of confessed, repented sins; the Eucharist as the Covenant meal of the New Israel of God, [Gal. 6:16] and because the Old Passover was a 'closed event,' we therefore practice closed communion today [in that we believe the Eucharist is truly a 'means of grace,' the 'very Body and Blood' of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and not a mere empty memorial]. We believe in the laying on on hands to receive the Holy Ghost via Confirmation, a public profession of faith and service to Christ, and we hold as 'most certainly true' that there is a Life to come, for the righteous as well for the wicked. We are the heirs, (but not the slaves) of the Church catholic, as well as the Reformation, but seek to be biblical above all else. We believe that the laying on of hands of the Apostles (what is often called "apostolic Succession") is not a light thing, but the very transmission of that Power of the Holy Spirit promised to the Apostles by Christ Himself. [Jn. 20:22] We therefore hold to a threefold ministry of Bishops, Priests/Ministers and Deacons. Only Men are ordained to these offices, as only men were called to be such, in both the Old as well as the New Testament. This godly Tradition cannot be laid aside, for in doing so, the Spirit of God is not present. Following on that, We therefore believe that Divine/Holy "Tradition" is to be cherished, respected, and OBEYED; and differs both in kind (as well as in scope) from those 'vain traditions of men' which Christ denied the Pharisees' claim to. [Matt. 15:6] This view of Holy Tradition is confirmed by St. Paul in his Epistles. [II Thess. 2:15] We believe in justification by faith, but acknowledge that holiness by acts of righteousness MUST therefore follow, or we make God a liar. [Matt. 5:20, 6:33, Rom. 2:26ff.] We follow the Kalendar, or cycle of feasts, fasts, and festivals that the early Church laid down for our edification. We therefore celebrate Christmas, Holy Week, and Pascha/Easter, and the seasons that follow from them. We believe that worship, done decently and in order, is the mark of a True Christian church. [I Cor. 14:40] Our worship is solemn, but not stuffy; with a quiet dignity, and no watering down of the liturgy for 'trendiness' or 'relevance.' God is ALWAYS relevant! We see multiculturalism as a tool- not of God, but only of the world, and the evil that masquerades as good. We prefer the Law of God, to the changing whims of men. We are, finally, a Church grounded in the heritage of Christendom, the 'many tongues' of Europe's unique people, who have, via Council and Church, given the world the Christian faith, and to whom the world is beholden. We see ourselves as the direct heirs of Jamestown, Plymouth Rock, the great Scandic migration to the Midwest, and the Founding Fathers' vision of a 'city set on a hill,' and their unquestioned faith in Almighty God. We know that many are seeking what we have to give, and we welcome your inquiries. May God bless you in your search for His Kingdom, and his righteousness. [Matt. 6:33] All services will be held at CreekSIDE Community Center, in Bloomington.

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