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Faith, Healing, & Deliverance Clinic

4 E Henrietta/Mt. Hope Ave., • Rochester, NY 14620-5078 • United States • • Pentecostal

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Elder William Dailey's Mission

Pastor William Dailey Sr. is currently the pastor of the Faith, Healing & Deliverance Church of God By Faith, Inc., Geneva, NY. He is the husband of Sis. Verneatha C. Dailey, the father of five children, and the grandfather of six. He is widely known, not only in the state of New York, but in several states around the country for his healing gift that God has placed on his life. He was commissioned by God during the fourth quarter of 2002 to open up a faith, healing, and deliverance clinic in the Rochester area. He is the pastor of a congregation under the Church of God by Faith, Inc. However, God has added another line of duty to his several. Without hesitation, Elder Dailey located a building, and he began this mission in November, 2002. The city of Rochester has witnessed miracles, signs and wonders since the inception of this ministry, and God receives all GLORY! This ministry has taken off in a direction which makes it difficult to adequately express in writing. Many souls have been saved, delivered, and set free from the strong hold of satan. Elder Dailey is featured weekly on Rochester's renowned gospel radio station, 102.7 FM "The Light." The station reaches far and near, and he receives several live phone calls from individuals in correctional facilities and hospitals requesting prayer. Many also submit praise reports to bear witness of God's matchless power. For all those who are familiar with Elder William Dailey; he's an humble and well respected man of God, who does not fear satan or his plan of attack. Thousands of people have been touched and blessed by this ministry, and well over that amount, figuring in his years of service. Many are called but few are chosen, and he is definitely God's chosen vessel. His mission is that of God's will and purpose for his life, and that he may bring men/women into the knowledge and understanding of the only True and Living God. The call on his life will encourage those who have a relationship with God, reach and teach those who don't, and help individuals regain their relationships, who may have lost it somewhere along the way.

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