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St Michael Lutheran Church

2208 Princess Anne Road, • Virginia Beach, VA 23456 • United States • 757-427-5088 • ELCA

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The Mission of St Michael Lutheran Church is: to provide ministries of Christian faith to our congregation, community and the unchurched; to study the scriptures to better understand God's Grace; to use our time, talent and wealth for the good of the congregation, community and global needs. We dedicate ourselves to respond with common concern to the needs of our congregation, our community, and all people of the world.

Our Beliefs

Lutheran's understand the Church to be people, God's house of living stones, called in faith to Christ Jesus and sent to witness to his truth. The Lutheran Church celebrates two sacraments: Holy Baptism, through which we are once-and-for-all-time reborn children of God; and Holy Communion, through which we are continually nourished by the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ being truly present in and with the bread and wine. Lutherans give special emphasis to God's message of justification by grace through faith, which means that we are acceptable to God only because of his unearned love for us, and not because of anything we ourselves have done.

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Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Early Service

8 am Sunday

Sunday School / Bible Study

9:15 am Sunday

Late Service

10:30 am Sunday

Potluck Dinner/ Choir Practice

6 pm Wednesdays

Mens Breakfast

9 am First Saturday

Preschool & Kindergarden

8:30am - 3pm M-F

Our Staff

Roger Whittaker

Church Council President •

Rick Johnson

Church Council Vice President •

Beth Arajo

PreSchool / Kindergarden Director •

Mike Young

Church Councilman/ Service Chairman •

Jon Tamayo

Church Councilman/ Property Chairman •