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The Christian Congregation

804 W. Hemlock Street, • LaFollette, TN 37766 • United States • (615) 562-8511 • Non-denominational

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Our History

The Christian Congregation is a denominational evangelistic
association that originated in 1798 and was active on the frontier in
areas adjacent to the Ohio River. The church was an unincorporated organization until 1887. At that time, a group of ministers who desired closer cooperation formally constituted the church. The charter was revised in 1898 and again in 1970.

Governmental Polity

Governmental polity is basically congregational. Local units are
semi-autonomous. Doctrinal positions, strongly biblical,
are essentially universalist in the sense that ethical principles which motivate us to creative activism, transcend national boundaries and racial barriers. A central tenet, John 13: 34-35, translates to such respect for sanctity of life that abortions on demand, capital punishment and all warfare are vigorously opposed. Ministerial affiliation for independent clergy is provided.

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