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Cornerstone Community Church Assembly of God

26 Bombardier Rd, • Milton, VT 05468 • United States • 802-893-1481 • AOG

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The heart and soul of CCCAOG

Our heart and soul is to be used by God in His master plan. We are committed to reach out and love all that God brings into our lives. We hunger and desire to be a people who loved and served like Jesus did.This requires us to throw off any form of religion and seek to be radical in our lives and values. We seek to build each other up and hunger for the Spirit's leadership in each of our lives. We will seek to love each other as Jesus loves us.The ministry of reconcilation and restoration is the soul of our mission from God.

Living with Principle and Purpose

To follow Christ means to adopt and live a new set of principles. The central message of the N.T. is FAMILY !!!!!! Love is the fuel behind the Word in our lives. To have principles without passion will lead us into a very incomplete walk with our Father and those around us. To love without boundries will lead us into certain rejection. Our prime objective is to embrace God as our Father and the Lordship of Jesus and the leadership of His Spirit. The call to love the Father with ALL that we have within us and then to love those around us with similar passion.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Worship

10:00 a.m.

Honorbound Men's Group

Tuesday 7 p.m.

Circle of Friends Women's

Sat 9 a.m.

Teen Center Outreach

Thursday 6-8 p.m.

Youth Ministries Jr & Sr high

Sunday 12-2

Adult Discipleship Groups

Mon & Wed 7-9 p.m.

Our Staff

Kim Ransom