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Inter-Community Church of God

150 W. Badillo Street, • Covina, CA 91723 • United States • (626) 967-2728 • COG-ANN

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Inter-Community Church of God

Welcome to one of the most unique fellowships of the Church of God!

Our name comes from the combining of two congregations of the church of God in the early 60s, those from Baldwin Park and Glendora, CA. Many community services use a similar designation from past mergers. However, the truth of our church community at this point in history is that it is a joining of two worshiping communities that are otherwise separated by the cultures of communication.

Meeting together each Sunday is a traditional English-speaking congregation of mixed backgrounds and a congregation of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing people who worship in American Sign Language. We share resources for Sunday School, as most Deaf parents have hearing children, and most Deaf children have hearing parents. Perhaps in 10% of families Deafness is hereditary. Our unique combination of congregations means that we are a church prepared to minister to the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing in their own language, whatever their age, as well as minister to Hearing families and the hearing members of Deaf families. It is an exciting fellowship, as we increase in fellowship and understanding under the headship of our One Lord, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Francis J. Casale began the ASL congregation in his home and a few years ago was led by God to enter into the fellowship of the Inter-Community Church of God. He continues as the Senior Pastor to the Deaf as a part of the pastoral team.

Rev. Dave M. Collett became part of the leadership of the church in January, 1998 as Senior Pastor to the English.

For information please call the church office at
(626) 967-2728/V or (626) 967-7412/TDD

Or Email us at links above.

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Our Services & Events

Worship Service - English

9:00 AM

ASL/Deaf Sunday School

9:00 AM

Worship Service - ASL

10:30 AM

Sunday School - English

10:30 AM

ASL Bible Study

7:00 PM Tuesday

English Bible Study & Prayer

2:00 PM Wednesday

Our Staff

Dave M. Collett

English Pastor •

Francis J. Casale

ASL Pastor •

Mary Stabler

Associate Pastor-Prison Ministries •

Paul Miles

Associate Pastor-ASL Evangelist •