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METHODIST CHURCH IN   RWANDA ,has made important advancement in the
field of Evangelism.After a great visit by Rev.Prof. Nthamburi Zablon,Presiding
Bishop of METHODIST CHURCH IN KENYA and Rev.Dr.Stephan Kanyaru Impwii,
General Secretary of METHODIST CHURCH IN KENYA,on 15/2/2002,
in order to explain for us about DEED OF FOUNDATION AND DEED OF CHURCH
the church progress. But, it is confronting to many difficulties,
because that it's over this world cursed because of Satan (devil).
But Jesus -Christ came in this world to save the Christian believers.
In order that many problems can't reproduce again, it's necessary that every person know the meaning of love. His importance and the fruits of love.
And each Responsible in the METHODIST CHURCH inRwanda, from the small to the big
may be conscientious and make up the words by the Apostle
Paul awaking the Christians.
Philippians 2:2-4. : I urge you,then to make me completely happy by having the same thoughts , sharing the same love, and being one in soul and mind. Don't do anything from selfish ambition or from a cheap desire to boast,
but be humble towards one another, always considering other better than yourselves .
All persons are welcome into the membership of the METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA,
who sincerely desire to be saved from their sins through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
and evidence the same in life and conduct
and who seek to have fellowship with Christ Himself and His people
and take up the duties and privileges of membership.
We thank NET MINISTRIES,about to give us possibilities of to have a page on their WEBSITE. We thank some Reverends and Ministers, Vincent,Daphrose, Chaste Gato and Jupa who were helping me in supplying of necessary information. God bless them.MATTHEW 19:29. FOR METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA REVEREND ENEAS NSENGIYUMVA P.O.BOX:3709 KIGALI/RWANDA TEL:08874072 DESCRIPTION GEOGRAPHIC OF RWANDA : Rwanda is a country situated in central Africa,it shares the common borders Following countries : -The Democratic Republic of Congo. -Uganda. -Tanzania. -Burundi. It 'is placing at 1200kms of the sea India,at 2000kms of the Atlantic,at 3650kms of caire in Egypte and 3750kms of cap in South Africa. Rwanda is a country of many hills. III.RWANDA'S INSTITUTIONS : The Rwanda is divided into 12 Provinces, the Provinces are divided into 96 Districts,those Districts are divided into 1543 Sectors,those Sectors are divided into 8731 Cells. IV.POPULATION: Population is about 7 000 000 in the country.
We speak one language of Kinyarwanda,
but the National languages are Kinyarwanda,French and English. We have in our country some orphans,widows,need people and who have AIDS(VIH)SIDA,
we need the benefactors for to support them. V.DESCRIPTION OF METHODISTCHURCH IN RWANDA: The METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA' s congregations are implanted in the country following that their works grow in Rwanda. -The METHODIST Church in Rwanda is a non lucrative Association, has a vocation of to Evangelise, to participate and to promote the population's advantages. The main objectives are: Evangelisation, Education.Health, Arts and Agricultures etc...... VI.VISION OF METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA: To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known. VII.MISSION OF METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA: To respond in obedience to divine call of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ
to proclaim the Holistic Gospel in world and deed in the power of God's Holy Spirit. VI.REALISATION OF THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA : -Our Church members now are 1188. -It disposes 22 Local Churches dispersed every where in the country. -40 God's servants, whose 15 Reverends and 25 Ministers. -Alphabetisation of adult. -The Cooperatives for widows. -The Agricultural cooperatives. IX.OBJECTIVES OF THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA : 1 -EVANGELISATION : -To preach. -To promote Evangelisation and Education. -To build the temples and Local Churches everywhere in Rwanda. -To distribute here and there the Christian literatures. 2.EDUCATION : -To implant the nursery schools. -To implant the primary and secondary schools. -To implant the adult literacy. -Installation of training centers. 3.HEALTH -Building of the health centers,of vaccination and pharmaceutic's installation. 4.AGRICULTURE : -To bring a support at all system autorized an agriculture's development. -To encourage the groups and the agricultural cooperatives and raising. -The METHODIST Church in Rwanda is occupied by all the social's activities and a good neighborhood between the population in order to promote their good welfare. 5.ARTS AND CRAFTS : -To promote the development of the tailoring cooperatives, embroidery, tanner, woodwork and the mecanics. 6.THE RECONCILIATION : -To teach to the people that Adam and Eva are the orgin of all nations, so we can know that every one who sins is for devil. THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA IN THE TEACHING: -Concerning the primary and secondary schools, the places for to build these schools, could be found in all Provinces, but the Church have not money. -The guardians schools have not didactic materials and teachers who received salaries. They take premium only. -We need also who can support us to establish the training centers, primary and secondary school in the: -Teaching. -Training. -Accounts. -Medical. -Arts, etc. THE METHODIST CHURCH IN THE HEALTH : -The medecine is one of the principals objectives of the METHODIST Church in Rwanda. If we preach to the nations of to be repented, in forgetting their body, it'is an untrue predication.Since an apparition of the METHODIST Church in Rwanda,has knowing that a good news can be accompagned by the acts for the health of a man's body.That is good news that Jesus has proclamming too. So, the METHODIST Church in Rwanda must found over the work-man's acts, in teaching, health, arts and trade, and others acts of development to all church'members. Unhappy, the Church have not any health's center, any pharmacy, it is a question, but we hope that only God will give a resolution. VII.PROGRESSION OF THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA. -If we fling a look respective, we saw that the METHODIST Church in Rwanda is an Association of congregations which is enlarging day by day.So during all those years,the news Circuits and Local Churches were established as showed below and were assisting in the task of Evangelisation. 1.The Gisenyi Circuit, Gisenyi Synod, has been established in 1994. 2.The Ruhengeri Circuit, Ruhengeri Synod, has been established in 1995. 3.The Cyangugu Circuit, Gisenyi Synod, has been established in 1996. 4.The Kigali Town Circuit, Kigali Synod, has been established in 1997. 5.The Kigali-Rural Circuit, Kigali Synod, has been established in 1997. 6.The Byumba Circuit,Ruhengeri Synod, has been established in 1998. 7.The Umutara Circuit, Ruhengeri Synod, has been established in 1998. NUMBER SYNOD CIRCUIT LOCAL CHURCH 1. 2. GISENYI .RUHENGERI .GISENYI.KIBUYE.CYANGUGU RUHENGERI.BYUMBA.UMUTARA. -Cyanzarwe.-Mutura.-Kanama.-Nyamyumba.-Gaseke.-Kayove.-Bugarama.-Impala.
-Mutobo.-Buhoma.-Bukamba.-Humure.-Ngarama.-Kahi.-Murambi. 3.4. BUTARE .GIKONGORO .GITARAMA .KIGALI. KIGALI-TOWN .KIGALI-RURAL .KIBUNG0. -Gisozi. -Kacyiru.-Nyarugenge.-Kicukiro. -Gasabo. -Gashora.-Nyamata. YEAR THE MEMBERSHIP AUGMENTATION 1994 89 89 1995 232 143 1996 367 135 1997 514 147 1998 846 332 2001 1188 342 T O T A L 1188 SITUATION OF YEAR 2001 SYNOD CIRCUIT LOCAL CHURCH MEMBERSHIP GISENYI -GISENYI-CYANGUGU-KIBUYE 567 RUHENGERI -RUHENGERI-BYUMBA-UMUTARA 378 BUTARE -BUTARE-GIKONGORO-GITARAMA KIGALI -KIGALI-TOWN-KIGALI-RURAL-KIBUNGO 243 T O T A L 1188 PICTURE RECAPITULATE OF THE FONDATION'S DATE OF REGIONS AND PARISHES: FONDATION YEAR OF SYNOD CIRCUIT LOCAL CHURCH 1994 GISENYI GISENYI 1995 RUHENGERI RUHENGERI 1996 GISENYI CYANGUGU 1997 KIGALI KIGALI-TOWN 1997 KIGALI KIGALI-RURAL 1998 RUHENGERI BYUMBA 1998 RUHENGERI UMUTARA The CHURCH has FOUR SYNODS : 1-GISENYI. 2-RUHENGERI. 3-BUTARE. 4-KIGALI. SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA STRUCTURE: 1.The CONFERENCE is composed by 4 SYNODS.. 2.The SYNOD is composed by 3 CIRCUITS. 3.The CIRCUIT is composed by 2 LOCALS CHURCHES. 1.The CONFERENCE chared by Presiding Bishop. 2.The SYNOD chared by Bishop. 3.The CIRCUIT chared by Minister. 4.The LOCAL CHURCHS chared by Lay Person. THE CONDITIONS FOR TO HAVE THE RESPONSABILITIES IN THE CHURCH: -1 Timothy 3:1,This a true saying,if a man is eager to be a church leader he disires ...... -Titus 1:6-9,An elder must be blameless;he must have only one wife. -1 Corinth. 4:1;you should think of us as Christ's servants ... THE DOCTRINAL STANDARS OF THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA 1.THE HOLY BIBLE: We believe that the scriptures are inspire by God,II Timothy 13:16. It's divided into two parties(the old and the new Testament). Those parties were written by the persons conducted by the holy spirit.2Timothy 1:21.The old Testament with 39 books,the new testament with 27 books. 2.GOD (FATHER): We believe and admit that there's one God.1 Timothy 2:5. 1.Spiritual . John 4:24. 2.Eternal. Exodus 3:15-16. 3.Invisible. Romans 1:20. 4.Immuable. James 1:7. 5.Infinite. Romans 11:33. 6.Omniscient. Luke 1:37.Romans 16:27. 7.Omnipresent.Jer.23:23.Math.18:2o. 8.Kind.Exodus 33:19. 9.Just.Jer. 12:1. 10.Merciful. Exodus 34:6-7.


a)The Father :We believe that our heavenly Father had
created heaven and earth. Gen.1:1.
b) The Son (Jesus Christ):
 We bilieve that Jesus Christ is God. John 1:3.
He's incarnating in flesh by a vertus of the Holy
Spirit.He dead on the cross because of our sins and is
reviving,he will come back to bring the persons with
whom will obey his rules.1Thesal.4:1,3. John 1:1.He's
creator as our heavenly Father.Genesis 1:26.Hebrews
4:14. Acts 2:22.
c)The  Holy Spirit:We believe that Holy Spirit is
God,because when Jesus -Christ returned back to
heaven,He  promised that he'll send a comforter who
shall teach all the believers.
John 14:25.Genesis 1:2.Peter 1:1-21.Genesis 2:21.

The Revelation is God who is making out the nation.
1.By  his works as well as by their creation.Ps.19:2.
2.By their conservation and the way which he drives
them.Psalm 135:6.
3.By his word.Hebrews 1;1-2.
4.By oracle.1 Peter 1:21.
5.By writing.
6.In the books named scriptures.Romans 1:2.

The sacrament of Baptism shall be administered by water 
in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 3:1-6. 6.THE HOLY COMMUNION: We believe that the holy communion remind,us of all occurred to Jesus Christ.We remember his death and suffering at the cross. -The bread:His body,because he's crucified for us on the cross. -The cup(wine):His bloodsted for our sins.Luke 22:20. 7.THE DRINKS: We can not take the alcoholic drinks.Proverbs.20:1,Isaiah 5:22;Ephesians 5:18. 8.TOBACCO: We can not smoke the tobacco.Isaiah 44:20. 9.THE WEDDING: We accept the wedding of one man and one woman.Genesis 2:22.Ephesians 5:31. Matthew 19:5;1 Corinthians 6. 10. THE SALVATION: Salvation is only through Jesus Christ's blood.Acts 4:12;10:43;Matthew 1:21. 11.THE HEAVEN: -The heaven is a real place of God.Matthew 6:9. -The justs will go to heaven.John 14:1-3. -Our prayers reach in God's heaven and he understands them and answers.2 Chronicles 7:14. 12.THE SERVANTS OF GOD: We accept the men of good behavior with whom they can give a good testimony,filled by a holy spirit and a good behavior .Acts 6:5;7:1;Timothy 1:10; Titus 1;5;Philippians 4:1-13;Titus 1:5. 13.THE CHRISTMAS DAY: We accept the Christmas day.The date of 25th December of every year. We remember the birth of Jesus Christ who come to this world to save the sinners.We pray God to help the men receive the Lord and we take as engagement to serve from now and in the eternity.Galat.4:4. 14.EASTER'S DAY: we accept the Easter day,we remember the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ.1 Corinth.5:7-8;Luke 2:41. 15.ASCENT'S DAY: We accept the Ascent's day because the Son of God our Lord Jesus Christ,who went back to heaven beside God, in order to receive the glory,which he had before he come to the world.We thank God because his Son has achieved his mission of salvation for us,and promised us that he is going to prepare a place for us.Acts 1:9. 16.PENTECOST'S DAY: We accept the Pentecost day forgive back grace to God for the Holy Spirit's minister origin of all the life, we thank God to have sent it to us as comforter, to encourage and to conduct us. We believe that the Holy Spirit is living and active in the church, he gives us his talents in order that we can serve God, in all fullness and in a truth and holiness.Acts2:1-47;20:16;1 Corint.16:8. THE DEED OF CHURCH ORDER AND THE DOCTRINAL STANDARS OF THE METHODIST CHURCH IN RWANDA:
The Methodist Church claims and cherishes its place in the Holy Catholic Church
which is the Body of Christ.It rejoices in the inheritance of the Apostolic Faith
and loyality accepts the fundamental principles of the historic creeds
and of the Protesatant reformation.It ever remembers that in the Providence of God,
Methodism was raised up to spread Scriptural Holiness through the land by the proclamation of the Evangelical Faith
and declares its unflattering resolve to be true to its Divinely appointed mission. The Doctrine of the Evangelical Faith which Methodism has held from the beginning
and still holds are based upon the Divine revelation recorded in the Holy Scriptures.
The Methodist Church acknowledges this revelation as the supreme rule of Faith and practice.
These Evangelical Doctrines to which the Preachers of the Methodist Church
both Ministers and Laymen are pledged are contained in Wesley's Notes on the New Testament
and the first four volumes of his sermons. The Notes on the New Testament and the 44 Sermons are not intended to impose a system of format
or speculative theology on Methodist preachers,but to set up standards of preaching
and belief which should secure loyalty to the fundamental truths of the Gospel of Redemption
and ensure the continued witness of the Church to the realities
of the christian experience of Salvation. Christ's Ministers in the Church are Stewards in the household of God and Shepherds of His flock.
Some are called and ordained to this sole occupation and have a principal
and directing part in these great duties but they hold no priesthood differing in kind from that
which is common to all the Lord's people and they have no exclusive title
to the preaching of the gospel or the care of souls.
These ministries are shared with them by other to whom also
the spirit divided his severally as He wills.
It is the Universal conviction of the Methodist people that the Office of the Christian Ministry
depends upon the call of God who bestows the gifts of the Spirit
the grace and the fruit which indicate those whom He has chosen. Those whom the Methodist Church recognises as called of God and therefore receives into its Ministry
shall be ordained by the imposition of hands
as expressed of the Church's recognition of the Minister's personal call.
The Methodist Church holds the doctrine of the Priesthood of all believers
and consequently believes that no priesthood exists which belongs exclusiverly to a particular order
or class of men, but in the exercice of its corporate life and worship,
special qualifications for the discharge of special duties are required
and thus the principle of representative selection is recongised. The preachers itinerant and lay are examined tested and approved
before they are authoriised to Minister in holy things.
For the sake of Church Order and not because any priestly virtues inherent
in the office the Ministers of the Methodist Church are set apart by ordination
to the Ministry of the Word and Sacraments.
The Methodist Church recognises two sacraments namely Baptism and the Lord's Supper
as of Divine Appointment and of perpetual obligation of which it is the privilege
and duty of Members of the Methodist Church to avail themselves. 1.MEMBERSHIP: All persons are welcomed into the membership of the Methodist Church in Rwanda,
who sincerely desire to be saved from their sins through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
and evidence the same in life and conduct
and who seek to have fellowship with Christ Himself and His people
and take up the duties and privileges of membership.
It is the privilege and duty of members to present their children for sacrament of Holy Baptism
and of those received into full membership to avail themselves regulary
of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
All members are expected to engage in evangelism
and other forms of Christians service
and to contribute to the funds of the Church in proportion to their means.
2.EVIDENCE OF MEMBERSHIP: If question shall arise whether a particular person is a member of the Methodist Church in Rwanda
the entry of that person's name in a current roll of membership
shall be the accepted evidence of membership.
SPECIAL METHODIST CONNEXIONAL SUNDAYS AND CHURCH UNIVERSAL HOLY DAYS: JANUARY: 1.New year Day 1st. 2.Covenant Sunday 2nd. FEBRUARY: 3.Local church Evangelism. 4.Transfiguration Sunday. 5.Ash Wednesday(Lent Bigins)9th. MARCH: 6.Lent season 9th-24 March. 7.Passion sunday. 8.Manday Thursday. 9.Good Friday 25th March. 10.Easter Sunday. MAY: 11.Preachers Sunday. 12.Ascension Day. 13.Pentecostal Sunday. 14.Trinity Sunday. JuNE: 15.Disability Sunday. 16.Brigade Sunday. 17.Christian Stewardship sunday. JULY: 18.Men's fellowship sunday. 19.Thanks Giving sunday. AUGUST/ 20.Local churches Evangelistic sunday. 21.Annual conference. SEPTEMBER: 22.Bible sunday. 23.Women fellowship sunday. OCTOBER: 24.Circuits Evangelistics sunday. 25.Health,wholeness sunday. NOVEMBER: 26.Social Christ Respons.Sunday. 27.Advent sunday. DECEMBER: 28.Junior Church sunday. 29.Christmas Day sunday. 30.Boxing Day 26th Dec. THE DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT: The development department is very important in the Church because it has as task of studying all the projects of the Church.The development department has three agents who are the followings. 1.A Director of development's departement who is there for to study the Church 's plans,programs and projects. 2.An agent in charg of translation the projects in English or in french. 3.A Secretary typist in the development office. The office need again the benefactors who can pay those persons and to help in providing materials,like computers ,machines,photocopies machines,fax etc .... THE CHURCH'S PROJECTS WHICH NEED TO BE FINANCED BY THE BENEFACTORS: 1. To build the Church in KIGALI and the offices. 2. To finance the Methodist Church in Rwanda for a good Working of activities in the Church. 3.To support the METHODIST CHURCH to pay the three persons agents working in the development's departement. 4.To create a solidarity bottom which will give the credit to the cooperatives and groupments without interest. 5.To provide

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