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Bright Hope Ministries

h 09 st 01 d-2 barkat jalal colony youhanabad, h 09 st 01 d-2 barkat jalal colony youhanabad, h 09 st 01 d-2 barkat jalal colony youhanabad • Lahore, pakistan 57600 • Pakistan • +92-3213242000http://

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Welcome to Bright Hope Pakistan. bright hope vision is to reach communities transformed them and to equip them. The organization was set-up to address the acute need of the oppressed, neglected and marginalized section of the society You can partner with us for the nation transformation.


Faisal Manzoor and his wife beenish Sardar serving the Lord in His chosen field Islamic Republic of Pakistan and they have a very broad vision for the people of Pakistan.We believe together that Lord has called you and me to reach millions in our nation and our main goal in life is to serve the People of lord Together we can win millions soul's for eternity. This ministry has a very large vision that will carry us far into the future.Please pray for this Godly vision and join hands with us for national transformation.We would greatly appreciate you becoming a financial supporter of this amazing ministry.

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