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Southern Bible Studies Travel Team

607 Miller St. • Dalton, Georgia 30720 • United States • 706-278-4142

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Meet the bible study team

Gil and Annette De Armas, long time residents of Dalton,Ga., are the parents of two daughters and three grandchildren.  Gil's business, Performance Development Systems, is a software applications provider to corporate clientele.   Our church family since 1996 is Church On The Hill, located in Dalton.  Senior Pastor is Pastor Eddie Taylor.

Bible studies program and offerings

Annette and Gil are both active long-term Old Testament and New Testament Bible teachers.  Through ongoing direction from the Holy Spirit, we have built a traveling itinerant Master Bible Teaching Presentation Set.  Our goal is to make ourselves available to churches and home study groups throughout the deep southern states.  We fully adhere to 2nd Timothy 3:16-17, are pro-life and incorporate all our content and life style within a biblical world view.  We have no set fees, choosing instead to rely upon love offerings from those we serve.

Core offerings from which you may choose are:

(1) Critical turning points throughout history: when, how and where Christianity has evolved away from the biblical model for the Kingdom of God.

(2) The Kingdom of God:  From its birth in the garden...and overview.

(3)  The Big Picture...the really big picture:  From Genesis 1 to the eternal kingdom.

(4) The fullness of Cosmic Spiritual Warfare:  What it means.

(5) The Judgment Seat of Christ for we Believers.

(6) Is it Saturday...or Sunday?

(7) Approaching End Times Prophetic Order and Patterns Drawn from within the Feasts.

(8) Torah in the Womb:  The Pattern of Life.

(9) Prologue to the Bk. of Joel:  Incorporating Ezek.33, Mark 13 and Matthew 24.

(10) Release of the Spirit...Watchman Nee

(11) How To Pray...R. A. Torrey

(12) The Baptism with the Holy Spirit...R.A. Torrey

(13) On Being Spirit Filled...Dr. Timothy Tennant

(14) Five Appropiations of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Believers...Dr. Timothy Tennant

(15) Heaven...Randy Alcorn

(16) 2nd Kings and You:  A powerful pathway from Gilgal to Bethel to Jericho to the Jordan, leading towards what you most seek in life as a Christian.

(17) Living A Prayerful Life...Andrew Murray.

(18) Humility...Andrew Murray

(19) The Church In Babylon...Erwin Lutzer

(20) Topics of your choosing.

Sincerely, Gil  Jr. and Annette De Armas


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