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Aviation Ministries

Jacksonville Port Ministries, JBA, 2700 University Blvd., S. • Jacksonville, FL 32216 • Office 904.727.6800

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The mission of the Jacksonville Aviation Ministries is to provide spiritual, social and physical care to those who use the Jacksonville International Airport facilities.


*PRESENCE...As the chaplain make rounds to various areas of the airport, relationships are developed and spiritual needs met. *CHAPEL...The airport chapel is open 24 hours a day as an "oasis of tranquility" in the midst of jet-age travel. * and employees are encouraged as the chaplain responds with listening ears and caring voices. *RELIGIOUS SERVICES...Prayer, weddings,funerals and hospital visitation is provided for travelers and employees. *ASSISTANCE...Emergency assistance is available. *READING MATERIAL...Free reading materials such as Bibles, devotional pamphlets and magazines are available on request.

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Jacksonville Airport Chapel

Open 24 hours daily

Chaplain Available

On Call 24 hours

Our Staff

Tom Bane

Director/Chaplain •

Barbara Bane

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Bill Burdette

Chaplain •

Tom Crisp

Chaplain •

Elliott Foss

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