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Locations of Holy Eucharist and other Rites

The Holy Eucharist* is offered on weekends as posted above. [*Kindly note that our sacramental rites are typically conducted according to Anglican or adapted Syriac rites, in which the Holy Eucharist is also known in the common estimation (including both "Catholic" and "Protestant" reckonings) by the following traditional descriptions: "Mass," "the Lord's Supper," "Holy Communion," "the Divine / Sacred Liturgy," "the Sacred Mysteries," etc.] If interested in locations and times for Mass (typically celebrated in home settings) or for pastoral care, be sure to call ahead to telephone (TBA) (voice-mail messaging available).


(1) Even several years later, highly recommended: seeing Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ. It may produce for you, as it has done for many, much deep and passionate food for reflection for the soul, especially during Lent and Paschaltide. (2) Christ is indeed with us as he promised (Matthew 28:16-20). (3) Also, please pray for palliative-care patients and their families, who literally live in the shadow of death (Cf. Psalm 23). (4) Please include in your prayers several special intentions: for those who are seeking employment; for all of your own special needs and intentions. During this holy season may God bless you and your loved ones!

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