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Links to Biblical Material and Church Documents.

Bible Basics - Provides an overview of the Bible and each book, also includes pronunciations and links to more detailed information.

o Bible Gateway - Access to several Bible versions, search Bibles by chapter, verse or keywords.

o - 3000 pages of Bible answers, commentaries, doctrine, etc.

o Bible Commentary - Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible.

o Bible Dictionary - Easton's Bible Dictionary (WWW edition).

o Bible Keeper - Online Bible Resource is a free online database of Bible's in several languages, Bible study tools and more.

o The Bible, Revised Standard Edition - Full searchable text.

o Bible Study Foundation - biblical research and study materials on-line.

o "Bible Study on Jesus Christ" - many study topics.

o Bible Version Comparison - "table lists 300 verses that have been changed in the seven most popular versions".

o Biblical Hebrew for Christians - "basic information about the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, and Biblical Hebrew grammar so that you can better understand the Scriptures from a Hebraic point of view".

o Catholic Prayers - an extensive collection.

o Guide to Early Church Documents

o The Holy Bible Web Site - Bible resources, Catholic emphasis.

o The Imitation of Christ - by Thomas a' Kempis, a classic Christian text.

o Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

o John Wesley's Sermons

o Lectionary Readings Revised Common Lectionary Readings Divinity Library.

o Metalogos "(An) annotated ... edition of the Coptic Gospels of Thomas, Philip and Truth ... in both English and Spanish".

o A Fire From Heaven "Insights into scripture: Genesis, Ezekiel's Wheels, Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and more.".

o "Of Whom Do the Prophets Speak" old testament prophecies fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah.

o Resource Pages for Biblical Studies - a resource for scholarly biblical studies.

o St. Augustine - a brief history.

o Sermon.Org - "an index and collection of Christian sermons and outlines..."

o Study Bible - World-Wide Study Bible.

o Summa Theologica - by St. Thomas Aquinas.

o A Voice in the Wilderness - Collection of articles for Teaching, Doctrine, Exhortation Biblical Counseling.

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Other places to look for resources.

Please note that many of these links are here by the request of the site to which they link. We have no control over the content. Use these links at your own discretion.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies - Links to many Bible and Mideast ancient social background sources.

o All In One Christian Index - Christian search engine listings

o Yahoo - "Christian Resource" section.

o Christian Connection (TCM), resources for all ages.

o Christian Classics Ethereal Library - a excellent resource!

o ICLnet Reading Room

o Not Just Bibles - A Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet.

o Pointing the Way - A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet.

o ChristianAnswers.Net - Answers to questions about life and the Christian faith.

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Links to resources for worship, prayer, and/or praise.

Divine Touch - A virtual prayer/worship experiment.

o Guideposts - request prayer from the staff and others on the Internet.

o Internet Prayer Center - Submit prayer requests. "Prayer requests are relayed immediately to our prayer-chain volunteers throughout the world."

o Jesus Fellowship Prayer Chapel - Submit prayer requests or pray with others live on-line.

o National Day of Prayer - the "Official" site.

o Pray for Today - Submit prayer requests. And other information about prayer.

o UpperRoom Prayer Center - "a 24 hour, 7 day a week intercessory prayer ministry that is staffed by volunteers".
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Why Christianity?

Messages of why you can and need to believe.

Is Jesus the Answer...? - from ChristianAnswers.Net.

o Questions and Answers - from the Mars Hill forum.

o Simply the Truth - the need for and process of salvation.

o Ten Reasons to Believe - from the Radio Bible Class.

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Christian Audio Links

To enjoy some of these audio links you need the TrueSpeech player. If you do not have a TrueSpeech player click
here to retrieve it free of charge.

Links to sites with Christian Audio

o Christian Lyrics

o Christian Music On-line

o CIRnet - CIRnet provides sermons and live services through its studios in Miami. (28.8)

o The Cyber Hymnal - Midi hymns, lyrics, and hymn background.

o The Electronic Hymnal - "hymns, church music and sacred songs for your prayerful meditation and enjoyment."

o Family Radio - Christian radio network and programs (using Real-Audio).

o The Grace Hour - an international radio ministry (using Real-Audio).

o Harmony and Grace - Contemporary Christian music in MIDI.

o - "Featuring MIDI hymn and psalm tunes."

o JamX - "a non-profit Christian website streaming original Christian music."

o Jesus Fellowship - The Jesus Fellowship offers contemporary Christian music, as well as recorded sermons, from its home in Miami. (28.8)

o Miami Christian - MCU's Internet radio station describes itself as the first live, 24-hour-a-day station sponsored by a Christian university. (28.8)

o Midi Hymns.

o Paul's Picks - Christian Music in TrueSpeech.

o Ransomed - Christian music group who "combines Southern Gospel with a slight country sound, and a hint of bluegrass."

o Tom Lascoe's Praise & Worship Song Center - Free MIDI and sheet music.

Other Audio Topics

o Church Sound System and Acoustics

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Christian Drama Links

Adventist Christian Theatre - Performance group, script resource (not free).

o Drama Ministry - commercial site for access to scripts and newsletter.

o DramaShare - semi-commercial site with free scripts for non-commercial purposes.

o Skituations - "A complete church curriculum, designed for first-sixth grade children!"

o Sun Shine Puppets - Puppet supplies.

o Trunk-in-the-Attic Drama Resources - commercial site.

o Additional Drama Links

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Christian Art Links

Aartistic Affinity! "Virtual art gallery of Christian artwork"

o Artlandish Concepts - Arts as Ministry

o Christ in the Desert - a monastic order combining "words with art to produce publications of subtle beauty".

o Christus Rex - a treasury of Christian art.

o Lyle Trimmer - a Christian artist and gallery.

o OCF Icon Archive - a collection of Christian Icons.

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Christian Stores/Publishers

Places to find books, tapes, etc. These listings are not an endorsement of these stores, please use your own judgement.

American Portrait Films - "videos on ... creationist topics as well as 100 other thought provoking pro life, pro family videos".

o BaptistNet - Baptist books and activities from Smyth & Helwys Publishing.

o Beacon Media - "resources for Christian education, homeschooling and Kid's music."

o Bibles At Cost - Reseller of Bibles and related material.

o Bible Study Guide for all ages

o Christian Computer Art - "over 6,000 professionally presented images from simple clip art to full colour pictures."

o CLC Hong Kong - Christian Books, Videos, CDs, in Chinese and English.

o Connected Christianity - Christian books, curriculum, and ministry resources from Smyth & Helwys Publishing.

o Crisis Publications Bookstore - "a bookstore of Wesleyan/Arminian works".

o - "Christian Bookstore - Christian Books Bibles CD's & Kids Products".

o Good News Ministries Home Page - Christian Books.

o Jesus OnLine - Christian MultiMedia Resources.

o NIVĀ© Kids' Club Online Catalog - Children's Christian Music Videos and Cassettes for children ages 2 to 10.

o 'N' Time Music - Gospel Sheet Music, Artist Songbooks & Soundtracks.

o RPI Publications Online - online catalog of quality, Christian recovery oriented books, study guides, devotionals, and Bibles.

o Settings of Silver - "a family owned company that produces quality Christian and moral materials for the entire family. "

o Triangle Press - "Daily Devotions, Tape Ministries, Books for Children, and the Family".

o 21st Century Christian - Bibles and related products.

o Zondervan Publishing - Bibles and other books and media.

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Christian Software

ClergyMate -- "Clergy Mate Delivers Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Occasional Services and More!"

o e-Sword - "free Bible study software."

o God's Word Version 2 for Windows 95 - "entire King-James version keyed to Strong's Numbers, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, bible dictionaries, commentarys,... and more."

o GOSHEN Christian Shareware Library - Bible and other Christian Software which is available for download.

o Hesed Interactive - "Christians screen savers" and other products.

o SwordSearcher - Shareware Bible software.

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Christian Humor

Christian Cartoons - Cartoon samples by Randy Glasbergen.

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