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The Bible is not a typical book in that it is not written by one author all at the same time. Rather, it is a collection of writings, called 'book's, written by a number of authors. Many of the books are compilations of older writings and oral traditions, and so it is difficult to say how many authors had a part in the Bible.

Some of the first parts of the Bible may have been written down as early as 1200 B.C., while the later books are from the 2nd century A.D.. The Bible spans at least 13 centuries in writings, while the oral traditions on which some materials are based extend far beyond that. The Bible is a collection of books of the Hebrews at first, and later that the early Christians considered authoritative and sacred and therefore worthy of preservation. For specific history of the Old Testament and New Testament, see those sections.

In general, the Bible is considered 'the word of God', that is all the authors were inspired by God as to what they recorded and wrote down, and the later copying of text, editing, and translations performed to bring us what we now call the Bible, were all performed under God's control.

The Christian church has always affirmed that there is a basic unity between the Old and the New Testaments. That is, there is a common message to be found in both major sections of the Bible. From the earliest times, there has always been accepted writings as 'scripture'. Jesus and the disciples accepted the canon (or sacred group of books) that first century Judaism held to be scripture. Later, the New Testament church affirmed that these 'Old Testament' books held a message that clearly pointed to the life and word of Jesus Christ. Thus the unity between the Old and New Testament, can be seen to be the witness to Jesus Christ, past, present, and future.

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