I John


Authorship and Origin:

It is widely accepted that the author of the letter (or more like sermon), is the same as the author of the fourth gospel. In fact some scholars believe that this book was written to go with the gospel either as an introduction or an epilogue. The book has many similarities to the gospel. I John may have been written from Ephesus about 110 A.D. around the same time as the gospel was written. It is mentioned by Bishop Polycarp of Smyrna in a letter to the church and Philippi around 117 A.D..

Overview and Significant sections

The purpose of the book, which was likely given as a sermon (since it contains no Opening or Closing as letters usually do), was to address certain heresies (like Docetism) and strengthen Christians in spirit. Using a mixture of rationalism and mysticism, John emphasizes key words and phrases which spiral in on key concepts such as light versus darkness, truth versus lies, etc..

Significant sections:

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