I Corinthians


Authorship and Origin:

Written somewhere between 57 A.D. and 90 A.D., Paul answers numerous questions sent to him from the Christians in Corinth. Paul apparently had heard of the moral laxity of the church at Corinth, while he was in Ephesus about 55 A.D., via a delegation from the church to him. Paul sent Timothy to follow the letter and address some of the developments and abuses of the church in Corinth. Corinth was a major Roman colony, with many ships going in and out of it's port. So it was fairly properous and had many transients moving through the city which at that time probably had a population of about 600,000. Paul was likely the first missionary to Corinth, although he does mention Apollos as a later missionary also. Paul later revisits Corinth again, and subsequently writes a second letter - II Corinthians.

Overview and Significant sections

The unity of the church is threatened by dissensions. Groups seem to be meeting apart and have separated rather than maintain a single congregation. He is opposed to schisms, and requests they stay together whether they follow the teachings of Paul, Apollos, or Peter.
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