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The purpose of 'Bible Basics' , is to provide fundamental information about the Bible, where it came from, where to find various books or topics, and the history of the books it contains. This information is useful to new Christians especially, but also to any who are interested in the history and origins of the various books of the Bible. The information provided, is condensed from numerous authoritative sources including books, magazines, textbooks, and individuals. Credit, and URL links are provided where applicable. 'Bible Basics' does not provide theological interpretation of the writings as there are numerous sites and devotional providers already available for that purpose. You are welcome to use the information presented here for any purpose that is not commercial in nature and is for personal use only.

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An Index is provided on the left for quickly navigating the pages. For each book, the standard information provide includes:

There is also a guide to Biblical Words at the bottom of this page , which presents those difficult Bible words and names with the correct pronunciation. New words are being added often, but if you can't find one you need, send us a note and we will add it next! This is a great resource if you have to read scripture aloud for your Sunday School or Sunday Service.

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