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True Light C.O.G.I.C.

6380 Pulaski Pike, NW, • Huntsville, AL 35810 • United States • (256) 859-0693 • COGIC

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Pastor's Bio

Dr. Terrell Harris' character is one that emulates that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He represents the total man, a man in whom, regardless of creed, age, sex, or national origin of all men, people have the right to be treated equal and respected. Dr. Terrell Harris, Jr. received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Jackson State University (JSU), Jackson, MS in 1966. He received his Doctorate Degree in 1986 from the International Bible Institute and Seminary, Plymouth, Florida. Dr. Harris was the first African American from JSU to accept employment with the Boeing Company in New Orleans,LA. where he was assigned to work on the Saturn-V Space Program in the Computer Science Department. In May of 1978, Dr. Harris became the Founder and Pastor of the True Light Church Of God In Christ, 6380 Pulaski Pike NW, Huntsville, Alabama. Through his vision, this was one of the first churches to undertake a large church building program from the ground up with a very small congregation. In 1999, the congregation conducted their mortgage burning ceremony of paying off the church property. He is the first and only Dean of the Huntsville Campus of the Charles Harrison Mason system of Bible Colleges. Dr. Harris attitude is that of compassion, giving of himself in time, service, and finances to assist the local community. His vision is not to support during key events (Thanksgiving, and Christmas), but to assist people year a round. He continues to encourage High School Graduates to pursue higher education by providing them with scholarships. His dedication towards a better community has prompted him to established Men/Women Fellowship, Youth Programs, Evangelism/Outreach Ministry, Music Ministry, and Jail Ministry. His sound and wise godly counseling brings forth deliverance to people from their everyday issues of life. In June of 1982, he founded the True Light Shines Radio Ministry at the WEUP Radio Station. He also co-founded the Living Water Television Ministry with the Late Superintendent Dave Draper, Sr. on CATV 9. The series ran from January 17, 1985 to September 25, 1986. They later moved from CATV 9 to CHRM 17 in Cable Alabama. This series ran from October 4, 1986 thru October 27, 1994. On February 3, 1996, Dr. Harris established the Blessed Hope Ministry on WLOR Radio Station. During this outreach ministry endeavor many lives developed a greater understanding of living a Holy Christian Life becoming victorious over the challenges of this world. Dr. Terrell Harris, Jr., is a man of loyalty, respect, selfless-service, honor, and integrity.

True Light History

During the Month of May 1978, God impressed upon Minister Harris' heart to step out by faith and do a work for him. It was during this time that the True Light Church of God in Christ was founded by Minister Harris and other saints who wanted to do a work for the Lord in an effort to please the Almighty God. The first Sunday School and Worship services were conducted in the Harris home. As time progressed, the attendance increased and the saints began to experience, through the move of the Holy Spirit, an even greater love within the fellowship. Much fasting and prayer were made seeking Divine guidance from the Lord as to what direction the Lord would have Minister Harris take. It was during this time that the Lord opened doors for True Light to use the chapel areas of local funeral homes to conduct its worship services. We are extremely grateful to each administrator of Welch and Nelms, Royal and Memorial funeral homes for allowing us to use their chapels. For we can truly look back and be thankful to the Lord for where He has brought us from. We began to hold our Worship Services and Sunday School in the Chapels while continuing to hold Bible Study in the Home. Minister Harris knew that every congregation should pray without ceasing so he started a Friday night prayer service where the saints could come together on a regular basis and pour out their heart desires unto the Lord. This has proven to be very fruitful to all of us and continue to be part of our worship service today. We established a joint fellowship service with the New Market Church of God in Christ, which was later, changed to Beirne Avenue Church of God in Christ (currently Draper Memorial Church of God in Christ). These joint services were conducted each Sunday night that a funeral home chapel was available and the Lord so wonderfully blessed us to be able to fellowship with our brethren. In December of 1979, a new district was formed which consisted of True Light Church of God in Christ, New Market Church of God in Christ and Lacey's Spring Church of God in Christ. The newly formed district was named the Huntsville District. The District became part of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the State of Alabama under the leadership of State Presiding Bishop C. A. Ashworh. In order to handle the business of our church in a most efficient manner, the True Light Church of God in Christ established a set of by-laws of Incorporation. Thus, True Light became incorporated on January 19, 1980 with a Board of Trustees that consisted of five members. True Light obtained tax- exempt status June 26, 1980. All contributions received by the corporation are tax deductible. During the 1980 Annual Spring Convocation of the Church of God in Christ in Greenville, Alabama, State Presiding Bishop C. A. Asworth ordained Minister Harris Elder, Proverbs 29:19 reads " Where there is no vision, the people perish" Elder Harris had a vision to do a work for the Lord. So moving with the vision, we purchased five (5) acres of land within the city of Huntsville. Our vision for a proposed structure was to be a modern building with a main sanctuary to seat several hundred people, several classrooms and a fellowship hall. Due to the cost of constructing such a building at one time with initially a small membership, we broke our plans into phases. Phase I called for a building section approximately 4,000 square feet and Phase II would consist of approximately 19, 000 square feet of space for our additional facilities which was to be our long range goal. In the fall of 1980, the Lord blessed True Light to pay off the five acres of land purchased and subsequently obtained a loan for a building in time when everyone was saying there was no money for buildings, especially churches. The Lord truly did make Elder Harris' vision a reality for Phase I and we have had many memorable occasions that we will forever cherish. In March 1986, True Light paid off Phase I building structure. Afterwards, the Lord Blessed True Light with a successful church bond program to obtain our long-range goal, which was Phase II. Phase II contains our present sanctuary which seats over 700. In February 1999, the Lord blessed us again. True Light paid off Phase II building structure and in April 1999, our State Bishop O. L. Meadows, conducted a mortgage burning ceremony. The vision has not ended with the completion of these structures. For we can say as the Psalmist David said, " forsake us not, O God, until we have showed thy strength unto this generation and thy power to everyone that is to come." Phase III, our family Life Center is currently completed and is place for great outreach to the community. Visit Us at

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Our Services & Events

Prayer (Sunday)

08:30 am

Sunday School

09:00 am

Morning Worship(Sunday)

10:45 am

Evening Worship(Sunday)

7:00 pm

Bible Study Wednesday

7:00 pm

Choir Rehearsal (Thursday)

7:00 pm

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Terrell Harris Jr.

Hattie Harris

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