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St. Noah Church of God in Christ

261 Charleston Street, • Aiken, SC 29801 • United States • 803 648-7446 • COGIC

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Church History

St. Noah has been in existance for 68 years. There has only been four pastors in it's entire history. God spoke to the founding pastor E. L. Jackson in California to come to Aiken to build His house. Thanks be to God for the obediance of Elder Jackson. Even today, St. Noah is healthy and blessing it's members and community. Superintendant Gehazel Williams pastored at St. Noah for 30 years. Pastor Williams left St. Noah in good working order, he was and still is appreciated for his service. St. Noah then transitioned to Pastor Superintendant William A. Prioleau. Supt. Prioleau is the 1st Administative Assistant for the South Carolina Jurisdiction. St. Noah was blessed to have Supt. Prioleau with his experience and love for Christ, the saints, and for souls. Supt. Prioleau preached often to keep up the prayer and fasting, because it works. St. Noah has grown much with that truth. Supt. Prioleau served St. Noah well and the church is ever the better for his service. Elder Roy Hooker II was appointed the new pastor at St. Noah. Supt. Prioleau left a man with a spirit like his to continue prayer and fasting, and serving the Lord with our whole hearts. St. Noah is excited about what God has in store. Our Motto at St. Noah is 'God First'. Our mission is to instill a belief in our members.....GOD FIRST.....Godly principles.....Holy standards.....Being the best that we can be.....Being a beacon of light leading people to Christ..... Faithfulness in whatever Christ calls us to do.....Having a love for soul winning.....Loving people as God loves them....Keep up prayer and fasting because it works....Holy and Anointed Relationships.


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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:00 AM Sunday

Sunday Morning Worship

11:15 AM Sunday

Bible Study

7:30 PM Tuesday

Evangilistic Services

7:30 PM Thursday

Noon Day Prayer

12:00 PM Daily

Holy Communion

1st Sunday

Our Staff

Roy Hooker II

Mary Hooker

Assist. Supervisor Annie P. Moody

Church Mother •

Simon Moody

Deacon Chairman •

Arthur Hughes

Trustee Chairman •