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Ascension Orthodox Lutheran Fellowship (OLA)

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Our Fellowship & The Orthodox Lutheran Alliance


+ Grace And Peace Be Unto You In Christ Jesus!

We were founded as Ascension Anglican Lutheran Fellowship on Ascension Day 1999 in Pensacola, Florida. And so began our life as an independent Orthodox Lutheran Christian preaching station/family house church. Fr. Philip Mullen is our unanimously Called and Ordained Pastor since 1999, a clergyman for 30 years, and a US Marine Corps Veteran. On Reformation Day 2005, we amended our name to Ascension Orthodox Lutheran Fellowship for the sake of confessional clarity. Although we are poor in worldly treasure, as a small cell of Christ's Household of Faith we rejoice in the wealth of God's Word!

Believing that the 16th century Anglican Confessional Symbols, included below with other Lutheran Symbols, are indeed confessionally LUTHERAN -- we encourage Anglicans and everyone to become fully Orthodox Lutheran Christians. In 2006, we became the Original and Founding Congregation of the Orthodox Lutheran Alliance (OLA). The Orthodox Lutheran Alliance is a newly formed Lutheran Christian confessional association, opposing the Apostasy and Compromise of these Latter Days. Our Fellowship and the OLA remain congregationally independent, truly Reformed, Orthodox Protestant, Evangelical Catholic, & Lutheran Christian. What does this mean? This simply means that we remain loyal to God's Word & the Lutheran Confessions of the Christian Faith. We invite other Congregations, Families, & Individuals to join us!

We believe, teach, and confess the following as our CONFESSIONAL STANDARD -- The Orthodox Lutheran Christian Brief Statement of 2007:

I.) That the 66 Books of the Old & New Testaments which constitute the Holy Bible are the infallible, inerrant, & verbally inspired Word of God. God's Word is the Formal Principle -- the absolute Ruling Rule & Plenary Norm of faith, practice, and all things -- Divinely Preserved in the Masoretic Hebrew & Byzantine Greek TEXTUS RECEPTUS of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church (as found in Luther's Bible, the King James Version, & other God-honoured texts of Reformation heritage). Any purported Biblical text departing from the TEXTUS RECEPTUS must be regarded as spurious. Christ's Church also reads the Fourteen Books of the Apocrypha -- they are derived from, in harmony with, and subordinate to the Holy Bible.

II.) And the Subordinate Norm of these Orthodox Evangelical Lutheran Symbols of Faith --

The 3 Ecumenical Catholic Creeds, The Unaltered Augsburg Confession of 1530 (the Primary Reformation Symbol), and the other Symbols through to include The Formula of Concord, all as contained in The Book of Concord of 1580. Also, the following Symbols subordinate to, and reiterating, those aforementioned -- The Bohemian Lutheran Confession of 1538 (this Symbol as endorsed, prefaced, & published by St. Martin Luther), The Magdeburg Lutheran Confession of 1550 (crucial for it's Political Theology in the Protestant Resistance Doctrine), The Anglican Lutheran Catechisms of 1548 & 1549, The Anglican Lutheran Book of Common Prayer of 1549, The Anglican Lutheran LATIN Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion of 1571, The Thirteen Theses of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod of 1881, and this Orthodox Lutheran Christian Brief Statement of 2007.

III.) Vitally important in the aforementioned Symbols are such Biblical Doctrines as God the Holy Trinity; Man's Total Depravity; Christ's Perfect Humanity & Divinity; Christ's Universal Atonement; Justification by Grace through Faith in Christ alone -- the Material Principle (Romans 1:16-17 & Galatians 2:16-21); God's Word of Law (the INDISPENSABLE PREPARATION for the Gospel) & Gospel; the Holy Ghost & the Means of Grace (i.e., God's Word, Baptismal Regeneration, that the Consecrated Bread & Wine of the Mass -- the Holy Supper -- are the truly Abiding, Adorable, and Saving Body and Blood of Christ in Consubstantiation, and Holy Absolution); as well as God's Gracious Predestination and the Final Perseverance of Christ's Elect to Eternal Life.

IV.) We believe, teach, & confess the aforementioned Orthodox Lutheran Christian Symbols of this our Confessional Standard -- in their entirety -- BECAUSE (Quia) they are the PURE EXPOSITION AND TRUE SUMMARY of God's Word.

V.) In this Confessional Standard we reject and condemn all Infidelity (Unbelief), Apostasy, Heresy, Error, and Immorality ancient & modern (Ephesians 5:11).

FOR EXAMPLE -- we reject and condemn all Abortion, Artificial Fertilization and Human Cloning, Withholding of Nutrition & Hydration to Hasten Death, Euthanasia, Suicide, and all other Murder; Fornication & Adultery, Homosexuality & all other Sodomy, Pornography, Illicit Contraception, Wrongfully Childless Marriage, Illicit Divorce, Intemperance, and all other Crimes of Carnal Wickedness; Feminism & all Humanism, Anti-Christian Culture & all other Anti-Christianism, Anti-Semitism, Racism, Unjustified Violence to Any of God's Creation & Creatures, False Tolerance, and all False Philosophy; the Antichrist Papacy, Byzantinism, Arminianism & all Synergism, Calvinism & Crypto-Calvinism, Pseudo-Lutheranism, Gospel Reductionism & Antinomianism, Legalism, Puritanism & all False Pietism, all Anabaptist Errors & Pentecostalism, Mormonism, Russellism, Non-Christian Judaism, Mohammedanism, Lodgery & all Gnosticism, Witchcraft & all the Occult, Syncretism, Latitudinarianism & all other False Ecumenism, Unitarianism & Universalism, Agnosticism & Atheism, and all False Religion; Evolutionism & all other False Science; Failure of the Divine Institution of Government to Uphold the Civic Use of God's Moral Law in All Ten Commandments, Communism & Socialism, Fascism, Confederate Rebellion & Slavery, the Democratic Party (USA) & all other Anti-Christian Political Parties, Abrogation of the Biblical Death Penalty & Just War, Pacifism & all False Peace Movements, Illegal Immigration, the United Nations & World Unionism, as well as all other Tyranny & False Government.

Hence, we maintain Close Communion and Pulpit FELLOWSHIP -- with all Orthodox Evangelical Lutheran Christians. While we recognise the ESSENTIAL UNITY of all Faithful People in the Holy Christian Church -- we reject and condemn any Church Fellowship which is contrary to God's Word. We are therefore Truly Ecumenical in carefully defined COOPERATION with conservative Non-Lutheran Christians -- including Acceptable Prayer; Pro-Life & Pro-Family Causes, as well as other Social & Justice Ministries; Education; and other areas of Christian cooperation short of Church Fellowship.

VI.) Our polity is at once Episcopal, Presbyteral, & Congregational as described in God's Word & the Orthodox Evangelical Lutheran Confessions. This means that every Pastor is at once Bishop, Priest, & Deacon. A Divine Institution , the one Office of the Pastoral Ministry is conferred solely upon MEN by God's CALL through the Congregation (I Timothy 2 & 3) -- rather than by such laudable but non-essential Apostolic customs as ordination or the hierarchy of Bishops, Priests, & Deacons. Church governance is a Pastoral Duty (Hebrews 13:17), and the Chapter or Vestry advises the Pastor in this regard. The Laity do indeed serve crucial roles in the Church, and Lay Offices are open to both MEN & WOMEN (Judges 4-5 & Luke 2:25-38). A Congregation of two or more Christians is the basic unit of Visible Fellowship in the Invisible " Little Flock " of Christ's Holy Catholic Church (Matthew 18:20 & Luke 12:32).

VII.) In divine worship we use the 1611 King James Version of the Holy Bible & the Apocrypha, the 1549 English Book of Common Prayer, The Lutheran Agenda, The Lutheran Hymnal, and other traditional liturgical resources. Our worship is founded upon Christ and His Means of Grace -- God's Word & Sacraments of the Gospel (I Peter 1:18-25). The Means of Grace are solely God's Work ENABLING our responsive sacrifice of worship & prayer, good works & holy lives unto Him (Hebrews 13:10-16). God's Word & Sacraments of the Gospel Offer, Convey, & Seal to people Faith, Forgiveness, Salvation, & Eternal Life. Thus Christ Creates, Gathers, and Preserves His Church -- the true Spiritual Israel of God (Galatians 3-4 & 6:12-16) -- by the Means of Grace.

VIII.) We freely use traditional Christian liturgies; rites & ceremonies; holy days & seasons; the Crucifix & Cross; other images & statues of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christ's other Saint's & Holy Angels; candles; incense; vestments; Latin; music; hymns; and other artistic usage to express and teach God's Word. This usage of desirable but non-essential things (ADIAPHORA), is determined by God's Word and described in the Orthodox Lutheran Christian Symbols.

IX.) The Lutheran Reformation, which is nothing less than the Continual and Providential Work of the Holy Ghost upon Christ's Church through the Means of Grace -- God's Word and the Sacraments of the Gospel. This is exposited and summarised by our Confessional Standard -- and expressed in the five-fold Lutheran Reformation motto: Through Faith Alone! By Grace Alone! By Scripture Alone! By Christ Alone! All to the Glory of God Alone!

X.) That in regard to the Sacrament of the Altar, "We do not abolish the Mass but religiously keep and defend it. In our churches, Mass is celebrated every Sunday and on other festivals... We keep traditional liturgical forms, such as the order of the lessons, prayers, vestments, etc." (The Apology of the Augsburg Confession of 1531, Article XXIV; reiterating The Unaltered Augsburg Confession of 1530, Article XXIV).

We uphold the Biblical doctrine of CONSUBSTANTIATION: that the Consecrated Bread and Wine of the Mass -- the Holy Supper -- are also the true Body and Blood of Christ in Sacramental Union (Matthew 26:26-28; I Corinthians 10:16 and 11:23-29; and St. Martin Luther, The Smalcald Articles, Part III, Article VI). The Body and Blood of Christ are ADORABLE, although external or CEREMONIAL adoration is rather desirable than mandatory (The Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord, Article VII, Antitheses # 15, in the original German; and the various writings of St. Martin Luther supporting the Adoration, Remanence, and Reservation of the Sacrament of the Altar). The Body and Blood of Christ may be reverently and continually RESERVED UNDER BOTH SPECIES TOGETHER (The Unaltered Augsburg Confession of 1530, Article XXII, Final Sentence) outside of Mass for the sick and needy.

The Body and Blood of Christ ABIDE IN THE SACRAMENTAL UNION UNTIL THEY ARE CONSUMED (John 1:1 and I Peter 1:25; St. Martin Luther's Large Catechism, Part V, The Sacrament of the Altar, Sections 15-19, Tappert Edition, CPH), and we specifically reject & condemn Receptionism & any misinterpretation of The Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord in this regard (Article VII, The Holy Supper, Sections 12-18 & 73-90, Tappert Edition, CPH). In ceremonial adoration of the Body and Blood of Christ -- Lutherans have historically received the Holy Sacrament devoutly kneeling.

XI.) We honour God's Angels and Saints. Therefore, we reject & condemn Purgatory, and the Invocation of Holy Angels & Departed Saints. All our worship and prayer is to GOD alone. Such acceptable prayer includes simple petitions that Christ's Departed Saint's in Paradise may rest in the peace and light which they already enjoy according to His Merits and Promise (Prayer For The Faithful Departed: the Apology, Mass For The Dead, Article XXIV). With faith in God's Promises -- we also pray that He will hear the prayers of His Angels and all His Saints living and departed, for Christ's Sake alone (Comprecation: The Apology, The Invocation Of Saints, Article XXI). We further encourage the regular public liturgical and private use of such Biblical treasures as the Ave Maria Canticle (Luke 1:28, 31, & 42 -- recommended by St. Martin Luther in his Personal Prayer Book):

"Hail Mary, highly favoured, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou among women, and Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen!"

God's Word and our Orthodox Evangelical Lutheran Confessional Standard determine our worship.

XII.) Christian civil government in the historically Christian State, functioning with the proper Civic Use of God's Word of Law in the entire Decalogue -- ranging in form from Constitutional Monarchy to Constitutional Republic (Romans 13:1-6). As St. Martin Luther said, "Let the government, if, indeed, it wants to be Christian -- severely punish...In short, we cannot do, permit, or tolerate anything against God. Fiat justitia et pereat mundus, Let the right prevail though the world go to ruin."(What Luther Says, Ewald M. Plass, CPH, #386, pg.133) Conversely, civil government in the historically Non-Christian State also functioning with the proper Civic Use of God's Word of Law -- but only in the Second Table of the Decalogue. And Christian ecclesiastical government in the Church, functioning with the proper Ecclesiastical Use of the entire Word of God -- in the form of a fundamental Pastoral/Episcopal Congregationalism, allowing for Synodical representation. The FAMILY is the basic unit of all civil government in the world (Exodus 20:12). Moreover, government in both the Church and the State is based upon the Biblical Model of the Family -- and is subordinate to God and His Word -- against all Humanistic forms of Democracy or Tyranny.

XIII.) The properly distinct roles, functions, and cooperation of the Divine Institution of the Church and the Divine Institution of the State.

XIV.) The Christian heritage of The United States of America and other Christian nations: including the areas of LAW and GOVERNMENT, the military, history and literature, education, the arts, etc. We reject and condemn all Anti-Christian political parties and other Anti-Christian influence in the aforementioned areas, and we shall ACTIVELY engage against the same (Psalm 119:46).

XV.) Orthodox Lutheran Amillennial Eschatology -- including the doctrine of the Antichrist Papacy; and Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as the true Spiritual Israel of God.

XVI.) Based upon God's Word of Law in the Civic Use -- we most heartily support the temporal State of Israel (including Jerusalem, the West Bank, & Gaza) as the ethnic Jewish State, especially against all Arab (so-called "Palestinian") and Mohammedan encroachments. We reject and condemn all Anti-Christianism, Anti-Semitism, & Racism.

We further reject and condemn any notion which asserts that the Holy Bible -- and true Christianity -- is in any respect Anti-Semitic. Likewise we reject and condemn any notion that St. Martin Luther was Anti-Semitic. In truth -- Dr. Luther defended innocent Non-Christian ethnic Jews, and advocated a return of Non-Christian ethnic Jews to what was THEN Ottoman Turkish "Palestine" for the sake of their own Sovereignty as the temporal State of Israel. Of course, St. Martin Luther justly condemned all False Religion -- while also rightly condemning Non-Christian Jews & ALL who resorted to Crime: including Blasphemy, Libel, Slander, Usury, Rebellion and otherwise disturbing the Civil Peace (e.g., as happened in Moravia and Bohemia in the 1540s). Moreover, while the Criminal & Anti-Christian Adolph Hitler wanted to exterminate both Christian and Non-Christian ethnic Jews -- St. Martin Luther promoted the Welfare, Salvation & Eternal Life of ethnic Jews and ALL by Christ's Word.

True Religious Judaism is nothing less than true Christianity, and our God Jesus Christ is the only Messiah & Saviour for ALL mankind. Thus, we will pray & work for the CONVERSION of Non-Christian Jews -- for there is neither "Second Covenant" or "Replacement" in regard to God's Eternally Chosen Christian People. Following the example of the great ethnic Jew, and Lutheran Christian Musician, St. Felix Mendelssohn -- we zealously defend the right of all true Christians, especially ethnic Jewish Christians, to claim the Jewish heritage of God's Word as their own. We love and honour the ethnic Jewish People and ALL mankind -- out of which God has Eternally Elected His Chosen People in Christ Alone by His Word of Law & Gospel (Genesis 3:15 & 17, Exodus 20:1-17, John 1:1-18, Romans 1-5, etc. & Galatians 3-4 & 6:12-16).


Our Lord & only Saviour Jesus Christ is returning soon, at the Last Day, to Judge the living and the dead (II Thessalonians 2). All Non-Christians & False Christians will suffer eternal damnation in Hell -- while Christ's Elect Saints will enjoy Eternal Glory in Heaven. As we proclaim God's Word of Law & Gospel, we urge all to ".... repent ye, and believe the Gospel" (Mark 1:15). Christ alone gives us the Faith, Forgiveness, Peace and Eternal Life which man's works & false "spirituality" cannot earn. Please join us in our Fellowship of Grace and Loving Service in Christ. And please contact us by email, postal mail, or telephone with any questions, concerns, or prayer requests. Learn more about God's Word & Orthodox Lutheran Christianity by exploring the Lutheran Theology Web Sites linked below. Be assured of our prayers for YOU; for all Christians; for the Christian American Revolution & our dear United States of America; for our US Armed Forces -- and for victory & peace in our holy war against Mohammedan Aggression; for the United Kingdom & France; for the State of Israel; and for the Conversion of Non-Christian Jews, Mohammedans, and ALL mankind to CHRIST. God loves YOU and so do we -- through Faith alone, by Grace alone, by Scripture alone, by Christ alone, and all to the Glory of God alone!

CONFESSIONAL SUBSCRIPTION: + In the Name of Jesus! I,_____________________, totally believe and subscribe. Amen!

Here We Stand!

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