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THE TEMPLE OF PRAYER Church Of God In Christ

549 Parkside Drive, • Lexington, KY 40505 • United States • (859)225-LOVE (5683) • COGIC

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Wow what a year. A year of NEW BEGINNINGS AND BLESSINGS. We are celebrating our move to our New church home 549 PARKSIDE DR. Come and celebrae with us and have your life enriched by the Prophet of God. God has blessed this Ministry and the people who have come through the doors of our church. We are also thanking Him for our six Acres of land. THE TEMPLE OF PRAYER WITH GOD'S HELP WILL BUILD OUR CAMPUS ON OUR LAND OF PROMISE. We are so excited that Jehovah is raising this ministry up before the people here in Lexington. God has used this ministry to raise people from the dead, deliver those who were trapped in the bondage of addiction, depression, guilt, and all manner of diseases. We have been empowered and enabled by the HOLY GHOST and now assured that our Faith will take us to our Fruit. Many souls have been added to this church, and you can become a part of what God is doing here at the Temple Of Prayer Church Of God in Christ. COME EXPERIENCE THE EXPERIENCE! "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty!": If you live in the city of Lexington or just visiting, please feel welcomed to come out and praise the Lord with us in the beauty of Holiness. On Friday nights we have the Four P's, POWER PACKED PRAYER, PRAISE AND PREACHING. TRUTHFUL PRAISE takes place at the T.O.P.. On Sundays as well as all of the services, the Temple Of Prayer Church Of God In Christ offers the worshiper a true spiritual experience, where the Lord is magnified, Jesus is lifted up, and the Holy Ghost is allowed to lead and guide us to a place in God where no demon or any other creature can seperate us from His love. The unadulterated Word of God is preached where the total triparte man is ministered to by God's Spirit. We have a wonderful women's ministry, The Young Women Christrian Council chaired by our 1st Lady, Lady Johnson. T.O.P."s mens department have The Today's Man chaired by Min.McCleary come out and be blessed through these ministries. Both ministires meet every 4th Sunday night. On behalf of the First Lady and The Temple Of Prayer Church Of God In Christ Family, along with yours truly, Pastor Johnson: We look forward to seeing you soon and welcome you to the T.O.P... Remember, Everyone should be at the T.O.P., the Temple Of Prayer Church Of God In Christ....... WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS LIBERTY! IF YOU AE LOOKING FOR MORE OF GOD AND A LIFE CHANGING, THOUGHT PROVKING, SPIRITUAL REFILLING, THEN THE TEMPLE OF PRAYER IS THE CHURCH FOR YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY..TRULY THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL, BUT DILIGENT WORKERS ARE NEEDED. COME AND GIVE YOUR BODY AS A LIVING SACRIFICE UNTO OUR LORD...GOD BLESS ......... PASTOR C.CHARLES JOHNSON JR. And EVANGELIST EVELYN A. JOHNSON. ...... YOU CAN CONTACT US AT (859)225-LOVE OR AT


The Lord has given me a word for our church FOR THIS YEAR OF 2007, "THIS IS THE YEAR OF SIGNS AND WONDERS THROUGH THE VEHICLE OF PRAYER". Souls are being added to our ministry and God is healing and saving souls. Come out and be blessed.........................Pastor Johnson...cogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogicccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogicogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogicccogiccogiccogiccocgiccogiccogiccogicccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccocgiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccocgiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogicccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogiccogic We solicit your prayers, support and gifts of love. Please contact us at (859) 225-LOVE(5683), P.O. Box 54554 Lexington Ky 40555 or e-mail us at We will be glad to share the full history of the church and the testimonies of victory. My wife and I are young people who are on fire for the Lord, "Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together". Prayer and Praise is still a Spiritual combination that gets results, along with an essential ingredient, LOVE. Come join us as we say YES to God. We promise to Love you, Respect you, and most of all give you Jesus. God has given us a double portion of His Love, Kindness and Anointing. It is imperative that you, yes you come and hear the preached Word of God in which it is good for practical living. Finally saints, be encouraged and look to God, HE IS THE SOURCE. The Power of God is Awesome. . COME OUT AND CELEBRATE JESUS AND THE WONDEROUS WORKS HE HAS DONE. you for visiting our website, please visit again. ......GOD BLESS YOU........ PASTOR C.CHARLES JOHNSON JR. .. COME AND WORSHIP IN AN ATMOSPHERE THAT IS CONDUSIVE FOR MIRACLES AND ONE THAT ALLOWS THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BE IN CHARGE!........TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST YOU CAN GO TO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT THE TOP.----Love Pastor Johnson

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 A.M.

Sunday Morning Worship

11:00 A.M.

Thursday Nite Prayer

7:30 P.M.

Friday Nite Four-P's

7:30 P.M.

1st Sun. Nite Healing Service

7:30 P.M.


3RD SUN. AT 6:30 P.M

Our Staff

Supt. C. Charles Johnson Jr.

Evangelist Evelyn A Johnson

First Lady •

Elder V.Aaron McCleary

Administrative Assistant To The Pastor •

Victor Moses

Deacon •