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Johnson Temple Church Of God In Christ

1322 Avenue D, • Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 • United States • (561)461-2829 • COGIC

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About Our Ministry

Our ministry is a ministry of new life in Christ, a church where God is moving by His Spirit. We Offer: * Audio/Video Ministry * Radio Ministry * Home and Foreign Ministry * Street Evangelism * Ministry to the needy * A Ministry of prayer and fasting * Youth Ministry with God's help and yours, we can go to the next level.

About the Pastor

* Raised in the Church of God in Chirst, Pastor Jared & Mrs. Hines have a passion and love for God's people and the church * Born in Florida * Raised in Miami, Florida * Attended school in Florida * Saved and filled with God's Spirit * Graduate of Jacksonville Theological Seminary

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 am

Sunday - Morning Worship

11:00 am

Sunday - Evening: YPWW

6:30 pm

Sunday - Evening Worship

7:30 pm

Tuesday - Bible Study

7:30 pm

Thursday - Pastoral Teaching

7:30 pm

Our Staff

Dr. Jared E. Hines

Mrs. Pamela Hines

First Lady •

Ollie Denmark

Church Mother •

Bobby Ingram

Chairman - Deacon •

Melody Ingram

Minister of Music •