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Eastside Church of God in Christ

Rt1 Box 893, Highway 190 East • Pointblank, TX 77331 • United States • 936 377-2437 • COGIC

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Strong faith will make the soul resolute in resisting, and happy in conquering the strongest temptations.
It will enable men to prefer Christ's cross before the world's crown.

From the desk of Pastor James Elmore

When you are lonely, I pray you feel God's love.
When you are down, I pray God gives you joy.
When you are troubled, I pray you know God's peace.
When things are complicated, I pray you find simple beauty.
When things are chaotic, I pray you are given inner silence.
When things look empty, I pray you know hope in JESUS.

Psalms 84:11

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

Sunday 10:00AM

Mission and Prayer Band

Tuesday 9:00AM

Bible Band & Youth Bible Study

Wednesday 6:00PM

Morning Worship & Praise

Sunday 11:45AM

Choir(s) Rehersal

Saturdays 6 & 7PM

Brotherhood & Y.W.C.C.

1 & 3 Mondays 6:00PM

Our Staff

Elder James Elmore

Sister Shirley Elmore

First Lady •

Minister Earnest Williams

Associate minister & minister of music •

Bro.Floyd Robinson

Associate minister •

Sis. Wansy Roberts

Youth Director •