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True Gospel Church Of God In Christ

1637 Dewey Street, • Jackson, MS 39209 • United States • 601-982-1070 • COGIC

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The True Gospel Church Of God In Christ located at 1637 Dewey St. Jackson, Ms. Where the Eld. Jimmie Shearry is pastor,Opened August, 1976. The original members were Eld. Jimmie Shearry,his wife and children. Later Eld. Eddie Cotton Sr. and family became members along with his mother-law Mo. Estella Cambell. There were no cooking or selling fish plates to build this church. The lord spoke to Eld. Shearry and told him to lay aside a little of his pay every week. And every once in a while someone would give him a small donation. Every evening Eld. Shearry and his children would work on the church building. Today July 31,2000 the church is still standing strong! Our church is built upon a Rock, that Rock is JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!!!!


The theme of our church comes from Hebrews 12:14.Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the lord. Our church strongly believes in the true word of God. Our pastor put the theme like this; " It's HOLINESS or else It's HELL".

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:00 am / Sunday

Sunday Worship Service

11:45 am / Sunday


7:00 pm/Sunday Night

Bible Band

7:30pm/Tues. Night

Youth Night / Bible Bowl

7:30pm /Wed. Night

All Saints Night

7:30pm /Friday Night

Our Staff

Elder Jimmie Lee Shearry

Mo. Josephine Hunter

Mother's Board •

Sis. Glenda Sterling

Youth Director •

Sis. Virginia Bias

Music Director •

Bro. Ray Charles Brown

Sunday School President •