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Born Again World Outreach Ministries

235 Brent Lane, • Pensacola, FL 32503 • United States • 850-471-2822 • COGIC

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Pastor Keith L. Odom

Pastor Keith Odom's anointed sermons, rich commentary, startling insights, and contemporary applications of the Bible's timeless message, point sinners to Calvary by sharing the profound unconditional love of Jesus Christ and empowers Christian Believers to exercise their authority over the devil and realize their position and victory in Christ. Pastor Odom has spent over 15 years in ministry. A product of the Church of God in Christ, Pastor Odom was licensed to preach in 1990 by Bishop Louis Young; Jurisdictional Bishop of the First Ecclestical Jurisdiction of Massachusetts and then ordained as an elder in 1992. Pastor Odom has completed ministry training at Gordon-Conwell Theological seminary in South Hamilton, MA. He holds a BA in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology and a Maters in International Project Management from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Most importantly, Pastor Odom is saved and filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. He is a world class leader, visionary, a man of character, integrity and wisdom. His love for people and God drives him to do what he does. He serves faithfully the family known as Born Again World Outreach Church formally Pentecostal Assembly Church which he founded in 1998.

A Different Type of Ministry

Born Again World Outreach Church is a different type of ministry. We believe in investing in people not buildings. Something is wrong when a church will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a building and not one dollar in a person's life. Jesus did not pastor a building, he pastoed people. The bible says, Whoever has this world's goods and see his brother in need and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? Today, the average church will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in buildings, pews, carpeting, and other plush enmities to make their weekly 1 hour stay at church luxurious. Meanwhile, while they have gathered into their comfortable surroundings, with their social club atmosphere, there are men and women only a few feet away who are hungry, hurting and helpless. The purpose of the church, is not to build a mutual admiration society where folk who dress alike, talk alike, and think alike come to pat each other on the shoulder and tell each other how beautiful they are. The church is God's vehicle for salvation, responsibility, and wholeness. We are called to minister to the entire man; his body, soul and spirit. Listed below are the four points of the Benevolence Ministry of Born Again Church A. HOMELESS PREVENTION/RENT ASSISTANCE B. UTILITY ASSISTANCE C. SHERPHERD'S STAFF MINISTRY D. FOOD PANTRY & GENERAL ASSISTANCE

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 AM

Worship Celebration

11:00 AM

Sunday Night Breakthrough

6:30 PM

Monday Night Prayer

6:00 PM

Wednesday Bible Study

6:30 PM

Friday Night Prayer

12:00 Midnight

Our Staff

Keith Odom

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Marilyn Mason

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