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Blutcha Church of God in Christ, Inc.

7334 Hillsboro-Ludlow Road, P.O. Box 261 • Forest, MS 39074 • United States • 601-981-7786 • COGIC

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Obedience yields Outcome giving us Praises

From the Pastor: "Build the Church(family),and the Church will Build the Church."

God's Word

Our Source of Life.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:00am / Sundays

Midday Worship Services

11:30am / Sundays

YPWW Training

6:00pm / Sundays

Bible Band, Home & Foreign

7:00pm / Tuesdays

Pentecostal / Choir Rehersal

7:00pm / Fridays

Evangelism Training & Service

11:30am / 4th Sunday

Our Staff

Authur Henson

Pastor, Elder • na

M. C. Coleman, Jr.

Church Administrator, Minister, Trustee •

Clyde Johnson

Minister, Trustee •

Rosie Coleman

Missionary,Trustee,Choir President • na

Willie Evans

Deacon, Trustee • na