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Higher Dimensions Ministries C.O.G.I.C.

4501 Clio Road, • Flint, MI 48504 • United States • (810) 733-0116 • COGIC

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Welcome To Higher Dimensions Ministries!

With great pleasure we welcome you to Higher Dimensions Ministries Church of God In Christ. We are a Ministry of Excellence and Compassion. At Higher Dimensions Ministries you will enter into a Life Changing, Life Enhancing experience! Get Ready For God To Impact YOUR Life As Never Before!! God Bless You!

Teaching Strategies For Victorious Living!

****** "Let God Develop You In Prayer!" ****** Message by: Pastor Sammie L. Hall, Sr. ****** You know why I love God so much? Because He forgave me. When you do something to somebody and they forgive you, it makes you feel good. I want the world to know that Jesus forgave me and it's all right now. I love Him so much that I want to be like Him.In everything I do and say, I want to be like Him. The bible says that whatever good you make happen for another, God will make that good happen for you. Remeber that God multiplies when He gives. With you 1 + 1 may equal 2 but God multiplies. God will give you based on your need. When a favor is given there is nothing owed in return. A person is not obligated to do anything to pay you back. Let me tell you there is a God in heaven and He wants to develop you in prayer. Let Him develop you. Let God help you find your place in prayer. You have to be a possibility thinker. What do you believe? Not what do you see because we walk by faith and not by sight. It's not about what you see it is about what you believe. The theology of prayer is important for the church today. Living right is not hard, it's all about what do you want to do. A true discipline for prayer is strategy. We need to think about strategizing on the devil. If you miss praying on Monday, and you miss it on Tuesday the devil will try to use his little tactics to mess with you. You must focus on your goal. It's about being engaged in doing the things of God. I'm headed toward my goal, I can't focus on yesterday I'm going to do better tomorrow. You can't focus by looking at the things that make you feel bad. Keep your mind on your goal and not on your failures or your mistakes. There are some things in the Kingdom that we need to take care of. The Lord is getting ready to anoint us to pray. He is about to anoint the Saints to do warfare in the Spirit against the devil in prayer. If we pray all the things we are looking to see we will see them happen. Prayer will work for anybody who will work with prayer. The Holy Ghost is ready to birth things forth through the birth canal of prayer. God has to have people of intense prayer for the Holy Ghost to birth forth. We need a life of prayer. We need to build it. If we don't build a life of prayer it won't be built. Your prayer should not be about stuff, you should be praying for things to happen in the Kingdom of God. Praying for His will to be done in the earth. The devil doesn't want you praying. When you're praying you have power over the enemy. When we build an army of praying people God will push some things through the birth canal of prayer. The devil is NOT more powerful then you are. Get ready for God to birth forth things you've been looking for through the birth canal. Let God develop YOU in prayer.

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Our Services & Events

Choir President/Director

Rashonda Hall

HDM Bible School

Sun. 9:15 - 10:15am

Morning Worship Service

Sunday - 11:00a.m.

1st. Sunday - Communion Sunday

2nd.Sunday- Hat Day

3rd Sunday -Look-A-Like Sunday

4th Sunday - Get Sharp Sunday

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Supt. Sammie L. Hall, Sr.

Founder & Pastor •

JoAnn S. Hall

Church Secretary •

Michael & Tyreka Horne

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Louella Jamerson

Public Relations/Mass Media Director •

Samuel L. Hall, III

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