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Fellowship Church of God in Christ

115 Frank Street, • Struthers, OH 44471 • United States • 330 750 0002 • COGIC

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The Fellowship Church of God in Christ has every reason to rejoice.A monumental task has been accomplished;amighty hurdle has been overcome;another milestone has been reached,and we are grateful.Grateful to our lord who inspired the vision, gave the courage,the direction and,yes all the might to be a people of excellence.For eight years God has allowed this people to become a remarkable demonstration and a marvelous manifestation of His Great Grace.God is faithful and "Great is His Faithfulness."
Lifting visions,raising standards through excellence has been the song of this united band of believers up until this present time. The prayer determination and resolve of the Fellowship C.O.G.I.C is to capitulate the body of Christ into a steady stream of unparalled expectation of Gods gracious benediction and blessings.
time and again this people has risen to the challenging commitment, demonstrated loyalty.integrity,and an "iron clad"will, knowing that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.Fighting to remember,never to forget the vision of god displayed.Laying down all of our selfish crowns to allow the purpose of God to reign.Join with us in prayer to harvest souls for the Kingdom of God. To God Be The Glory.....Supt.Richard E. Kimbrough

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Our Services & Events

Church school

9:30am Sunday

Morning worship

11:am Sunday

Corporate Church Fasting

6:am-3pm tue-thur

Bible Study-YPWW

7:pm tue

Pastorial Teaching

7:pm friday

Musical Expressions

Fri 6:pm

Our Staff

Richard E. Kimbrough

Pastor&Superintendent •

Lynette Taylor

Church Clerk •

Naomi Jackson

Church Mother •

Alice Ivory

Church Treasurer •

Jacquelyn Jeffries

Pastorial Valetess •