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The Greenvalley Church of God in Christ

120 Gates Road, P.O Box 301 • Woodbury, GA 30293 • United States • 770-599-8269 • COGIC

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Millenium Scares!!!!!

Everyone is so uptight about the year 2000 coming. They're going haywire trying to do this and do that. Have they forgotten about who God is? Have they forgotten that God has taken care of us this long why would he just all of a sudden leave us know. I think as a person trusting in God he is with us EVEN until the end of the world. So when you begin to get those Millenium blues put your trust in Jesus!!!!

Something To Think About?

The Youth's Point Of View: Do you ever just sit and wonder where your future will lead you? Do you ever wonder what you will do when you graduate? Just something to think about and plan.

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