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Greater Emmanuel C.O.G.I.C.

8711 Talton st, • Houston, Tx 77078 • United States • (713)633-7232 • COGIC

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Mission Statement

The objective of our church is to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to God's people everywhere.

Church Functionalities

We strive to continually meet the needs of God's people everywhere through outreach ministries that are relevant to our times. These include: Women of Distinction, nursing home visits, and the trifold ministries(Evangelism, Bible Band, and Missions.) Through these avenues we hope to attain one goal, and that is to win lost souls for the cause of Jesus Christ.
We also offer, for those that desire a greater knowledge of what God wants us to become, classes at the Greater Emmanuel Bible Institute. These sessions are held at our onsite educational facilty. This school was founded by Dean Earline Allen back in 1985. The motto is " if you would do better tomorrow, you must start doing better today." For registration information and course outlines,contact our church secretary.
Another integral part of our church is prayer, which is held each Sunday morning at 8:30 am prior to Sunday School. We also have special prayer services that take place the week following the 1st Sunday in each month. These services are held at 7:00 pm nightly and serve as a means of allowing us to maintain effective communication with God.
Finally, we look to be a blessing to young people. With our special youth services and functions, concerted efforts are made to ensure that the youth never feel out of place or forgotten.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30-10:45 am Sunday

Morning Worship

11:00 am Sunday

Young People Willing Workers

6:00pm Sunday

Pastoral Teaching

7:00 pm Thursday

Choir Rehearsal

7:30 pm Monday

Our Staff

John L. Banks

Pastor •

Joann Pigott

Church Secretary •

David Herbert

Minister of Music •

Earline Allen

Director of Education •

Marie Antwine

Director of Outreach Ministries •