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Little Community Church of God in Christ Inc.

2025 West Hampton Ave., • Milwaukee, WI 53209 • United States • 414-444-0445 • COGIC

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As we pray for the changing of men hearts to be turned toward God, we welcome you to come jone with Little Community as we glorify the name of Jesus. Stand with us in our effects to preach the gospel of the Birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Your Support and labor of Love is so desperately needed. the Harvest is right but the labors are truly few.

A Note for the Lost - Jesus died that you maybe found! you don't have to sin any more.

About the Services

WEDNESDAY: pastorial teaching, how to use the Word of God in your every day life. FRIDAY: the Word is read to show the power of Jesus as a healer and a deliever. SUNDAY SERVICE: is a day of thanksgiving, God is worshiped and praised for his mighty acts SATURDAY: Its praying time for one hour!

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Morning Prayer

9:30 a.m

Sunday School

10 a.m

Sunday Praise Service

11:15 a.m

Regular Service

7:00 p.m Wednesday

Regular Service

7:00 p.m Friday

Hour of Power

9:00 a.m Saturday

Our Staff

Lincoln Russell

Honey (Betty) Russell

First Lady •

Jeanette Hooker

Secretary •

Steven Parker

Administrative Ass't •

Connie Russell

Ambassador (Evangelist) •