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Set Free Evangelistic Outreach C.O.G.I.C.

6804 Bayou George Drive, (temporary address) • PANAMA CITY, FL 32404 • United States • (850) 481-0006 • COGIC

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Church Purpose:

Our church theme is:

Reviving the in order to reach the , Running toward destiny.

At Set Free 85% of the church's membership was at one time unaffiliated with church principles. Some have come from backgrounds of: Drug Dealing, Drug Using, Incarceration, and a whole lot more. Here at Set Free we teach Holy Living. "You Don't have to be Bound when others are Free, You don't have to live a defeated life when you can have the Victory, because he whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed", is our purpose.

Set Free Commitment:

We are committed to equipping men and women for kingdom living. We are committed to creating discipled soldiers that will enlist others for the kingdom of God. We are committed to educating and making known the deed of the Lord and demonstrating his plan to every man and woman. We are committed to win many because of our love for God and each other, to become one unit. We are committed to working for one cause which is his, that the world may see him in his fullness in our lives, so that many will come to know him in this present world. We are committed to ministering to the total man; Spirit,Body, and Soul until we all come into the fullness of Christ for the perfecting of the saints.

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Prayer at The Altar

2:30 PM Sunday

Sunday Service

3:00 PM Sunday

What's On Your Mind-Bible Sty

7:00 PM Tuesday

Our Staff

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Simone Williams

Tyrecka Steele

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