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Providence Chapel, Chapel Lane • Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire DN18 5PJ. • United Kingdom. • 01652 635288 • Anglican

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St Aidan's Church.

St Aidan's Church is a small and friendly independent Anglican or Episcopalian congregation, formed in 1995 to provide a home for Continuing Anglicans within North and North-East Lincolnshire. This congrgation holds to the Low Church or Evangelical tradition in Anglicanism. It is our first priority to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ who offers forgiveness of sin, new and eternal life, and hope to all who have faith in Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. We also try to foster the spiritual life by regular public worship - particularly the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist - and private prayer.

St Aidan's Church maintains its traditional Anglican witness by holding fast the doctrines of Primitive Catholic Church as enshrined in Holy Scriptures, the three ancient Catholic Creeds, the Book of Common Prayer 1662, and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion. In particular we uphold the uniqueness of the Biblical revelation and of the Salvation offered to all through the Cross of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We also maintain that the ancient apostolic threefold ministry of the Church, with its bishops, priests and deacons is the most ancient and effective form of Church government. We firmly believe in the Church's tradition moral teachings, particularly on the sanctity of human life, and on human sexuality.

We worship in the historic Providence Chapel, built for the town's Independents (Congregationalists)in 1806. The Chapel itself is a simple structure some 40' by 35' with arched windows, gallery, and, unusually, box pews. Whilst most Chapels of this period were subsequently replaced, the Providence Chapel has survivied with little alteration to the present day. It provides a beautiful home in which to experience the majesty of traditional Anglican Prayer Book worship. We hope that you will come and worship with us soon!

Traditional Anglicans

Anglicanism began with the 16th Century reform of the Church of England at the begining of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Unlike the Protestant Churches of mainland Europe it retained an elaborate liturgy and the traditional Episcopal form of government - indeed it is more accurate to refer to Anglicanism as 'Reformed Catholicism' rather than Protestant in a narrow sense. Having said that, the Anglican Church accepts the main insights of the Reformation, particularly the need for doctrine to conform to Scripture, justification by Faith, and all-sufficiency of the Cross as an atonemt for sin. On the other hand, the Anglican Church maintains the historic apostolic ministry of the Church, the necessity of sacramental worship for sanctification of the believer, and a liturgical form of worship. As the English extended their empire overseas, so Anglicanism spread with English rule to America, India, Australia, and Africa. Finally intrepid missionaries took the Anglican form of Christianity into China and the Far East. This brought about the global spread of Anglicanism.

However from the 1950s a series of doctrinal controversies rocked the Anglican Communion as clergymen cast doubt upon the authority of Holy Scripture and introduced innovation in both doctrine and worship. Finally in the early-1960s the 'Pike Controversy' led to open rupture between orthodox Anglicans and the Episcopal Church of the USA. So the Continuing Church was born. Since 1962, the Continuing Anglican Movement has spread world-wide, to Central Amnerica, India, South Africa, Australasia, and the UK. These Churches maintain the traditional majesty of Anglican worship and doctrine. For further information about the worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion which has dioceses in Canada, the USA and Central America, South Africa, Ireland, Pakistan, India, and Australasia, as well as in Great Britain use this URL www.acahome.orgThe Traditional Anglican Communion also has links with the main Traditionalist body with the Anglican Communion - Forward in Faith.

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Our Services & Events

10.30 Matins & SUNG COMMUNION

1st and 3rd Sunday

10.30 am MATINS,& Sermon.

2nd and 4th Sundays

Holy Communion 2nd & 4th Sun.

After Matins(c11.30)

Tues. 24 Aug. (S. Bartholomew)

19.30 Holy Communion

Sunday 29 August - 10.30am

Patronal Festival

Our Staff

The Revd Peter D Robinson. BA.

Mrs Sheila Wright

Senior Warden •

Mr C. H. Harrison

Verger & Caretaker •

The Revd Robert Aird

Vicar-General •