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An Apostolic Correspondence Ministry

(c) 1998-2001, 2004-2007 Clifford Catton - All rights reserved; written permission needed to quote from these pages. This page was updated: April 9,2024. Because USPS employees have been stealing my mail for 43 years here in Kingston, no church services were able to be initiated. Church of God is a Saturday Sabbath keeping church that observes the feasts of Leviticus 23. There is only ONE truth! That truth is clearly presented in the Bible, the eternal Word of God. Jesus is now GOD sitting on the right hand of GOD the Father. He is preparing us to become Gods with Him - IF we repent of sins & obey His teachings. The Ten Commandments are the eternal LAW of God. They are supplimented by other instructions from Jesus. Only those who obey with a willing heart will receive eternal life. Those who profess "Lord," but do not do the works will be cast out, burned to ashes in the Lake of Fire, Matt.25:31-46.


The FEAST of TABERNACLES is Sep.27 thru Oct.4 in 2007 !!! Prepare TODAY! GOD demands observence of this Feast - now & throughout the millenium - His 1000 year Kingdom on earth, Zech.14:16-19. This is Jesus' last feast with mortals before they are changed to Gods in the Second Resurrection, Rev.20:7-15. ALL wicked mortals are destroyed on the Day of Atonement - the Great White Throne judgement. Then the Feast of Tabernacles is kept!! Men, women, children & babies become adult GODS on the Last Great Day!! Glory to God!! How marvelous & simple are God's works.

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My Fourth Homepage - GOD's Sons


I was born on Saturday, Oct.29, 1949 at 1:30 in the afternoon. It was the SABBATH day!!


NO, I am not Jewish. I am CHRISTIAN. I was officially baptized a Christian on March 2, 1978 by a minister of the Worldwide Church of God. Since then I have learned greater truths & have received a greater calling from God.   I am a Jew by Grace!

First, let me recount the mundane upbringing I endured. I was born in Christ Hospital as a healthy baby - about 7 pounds, some ounces. My older brother, Randy, had been born on March 3, 1947. We lived in a four room apartment on 26 Street in Union City, NJ with my maternal grandparents. My maternal aunt & uncle lived in another apartment there. It was here that my family first experimented with group sex &, I believe, prostitution. Perhaps they were arrested by the police, but in 1950 or 1951, my nuclear family moved to 6408 Broadway, West New York, NJ. It was a small three room apartment for four people with a window facing the front porch & a window facing an alcove &/or a back yard. I believe at some time during the four years we lived there, we had a black collie mongrel. There was a grocery store across the street, & I can vaguely remember going to that store by myself when I was 3 & 4. On 65th street there was a small vacant lot with a large billboard on it where I played with my friends. There was some grass & dirt underneath the billboard. I had some good times there. I visited the whole area around there, about a half square mile from home, when I was three.

During this time, Russia had exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1949 with information provided by Truman through Harry Hopkins & others. By 1952, Russia had the neutron bomb & was exploding five megaton bombs in the atmosphere. This tension encouraged intimidation & corruption by local officials. Miranda had not been ajudicated; police did what they wanted to do including kidnapping & assault.

Whether the police were the enforcers or the pimps, my parents got involved in prostitution again to pay for two children. My father was a part-time roofer & had an accident at one time that prevented him from working for some months. In 1952, Bruce was born. I believe my parents met the local mafia.

I do not think they were ruled murders back then, but during those four years 4-8 people died in that one building. An old woman fell down a flight of stairs. Someone may have been poisoned. Another person fell off the roof into the alcove. There may have been a family missing. I think there were 12 apartments in the building, & my mother had paid sex with several men. In 1953, my parents tried to get free of their police pimps by some court action. They lost. The police invaded at least one family gathering of some 20 members & beat up 3-6 of my family. Finally, my parents were told to move, & we went to 828-8th street, Union City, NJ.

What occurred at 8th Street was more family group sex, but I think the prostitution abated. My parents abused me & my brothers, & I think I was put in the hospital once because of the abuse involving anal sex. We lived on the third floor - boxcar- four rooms. Whatever transpired, we moved back to West New York in 1958 to 402-60th Street, where we lived until 1965. At one time, we rented both apartments in the basement & my father was superintendent of the building. I remember in the middle 1960s shoveling coal into the furnace to create heat for the building. The next apartment was more spacious - 5 rooms again on the third floor - which we moved to in 1965. My mind was a little spacious, & I did not always take cognizance of family matters. My older brother, Randy, lived off & on there until 1967 when he joined the army & was sent to Vietnam. I was classified 1-A, & (from some documents I obtained in 1999) was one of the few who took a physical, no less passed, in 1968. In 1969, I was working for a non-profit organization - Americans to Keep Biafra Alive (AKBA) when I challenged the draft board in my naive & simple way to a conscientious objector (CO) status. With the director of AKBA & a catholic priest vouching for me, I received 1-O status in April 1969 & had to pass another physical, which I did. Late 1969, I received a high draft lottery number - 269 - & was free. My parents lived there until 1972 when they moved to a home they bought the year before in Cairo, NY. I & my younger brother, Bruce, remained in West N.Y.

I have no records, but these incidents should all still be on file. I have no means to retrieve these records at this time. If anyone can offer financial assistance to obtain copies of these records, please contact me by registered mail & both e-mail addresses. By confirming these incidents, the corruption of the West New York, NJ police will be revealed as a hindrance to sane reasonning locally & nationally. I believe these incidents were the focal point for some national decisions at the time.

Because the police so blatantly violated the rights of my family & because some of their corruption was exposed in my family's court action against them, the police conspired with the local postmaster & postal employees to put a mail cover on my family's mail & to steal selected letters. As I grew older, the theft continued. When I moved to Cairo, NY in June 1978, the US Postal theft continued. When I moved to Boston in 1980; the theft continued. When I moved to Saugertes in 1981; the theft continued. When I moved to Kingston in 1981, the theft continued & still continues. This pursuit often came from the Capitol since 1974 when I wrote Nixon about his impeachment. Reagan, Bush, & Clinton communicated with the Kingston post office. I wrote to President Bush in Aug.2001 but received no answer.   I wrote to Trump in Oct. 2020, but received no response.   The theft of my mail continues in the local post office & in the two regional distribution centers.   I have a correspondence ministry going ONE way.

E-mail hosts have been stealing my e-mail. You may try these e-mails as well as those above. and You should note that theft of ones' e-mails by anyone not authorized is a federal crime.

Time is short! Seven years of Dan.9:27 could begin Rosh Hashana 2024, the earliest that Jesus can return to earth. TODAY, if YOU will hear - REPENT. There is NO second chance in the resurrection, Matt.25:31-46; Dan.12:2; Heb.9:27; Rev.20:7-15. The purpose of man is to worship GOD!

GOD Is All Eternity

God IS science. I will attempt to bring to you some of the truths of His "science" or life. Spiritual Matter; Infinity; Parallel Dimensions; the Flood; Supernatural Miracles; Spiritual Bodies; etc. are all part of His science.

SPIRITUAL MATTER always existed even when God's mind was darkened to it. Spiritual matter (spm) is like the crackling static on your TV set when no pictures are transmitted. They are smaller than atoms. They always exist but are constantly changing. Spm are continually transforming their substance to energy & back again to matter. Spm is consistent in substance & form even as it appears or creates other forms. A TV receives a picture, but the crackling static (electricity) is still behind the images. The same is with spm. The forms take many shapes, but the spm particles are still crackling behind the objects whether they be gas, electricity, solids (earth or physical matter), space. Spm is in ALL space because spm IS all space. Spm is everything, & not anything is made or exists without spm. The existence of nothing by the exclusion of any contrariness establishes nothing as MATTER. God needs substance to reveal, to establish His existence. Therefore the "appearance" of nothing becomes matter. In reality, I believe (& it is so) spiritual matter (spm) ALWAYS existed as the very substance of GOD - whom IS eternity.

INFINITY has seven dimensions. There are NO other dimensions that exist. Each dimension is represented by an element: 1. space - water; 2. matter - earth; 3. energy - fire; 4. light - darkness; 5. time - wind; 6. coextension - light; 7. spirit - spirit. These are the basic foundations of life which is infinity, a component or explanation of the division of eternity. There are NO other truths. Scientists know many of these truths & their interaction. Human reasonning & religion can NOT add or detract from these seven dimensions of infinity.

PARALLEL DIMENSIONS or worlds or existence as man defines them do exist. There is the spirit world as God knows, & the physical world as man knows. There are other parallel worlds or dimensions that God has prepared for His God Sons. Science fiction distorts or tries to add to these basic principles. They deceive themselves & lose eternity. There could be a thousand parallel worlds or existences in the same space, but they comply with the seven dimensions of God - infinity. This is the basic nature of GOD, & it can NOT be changed.

The FLOOD ocurred circa 2413 BC. ALL the world except eight humans (& hundreds of animals & birds) perished from the earth. This globe did not look the way it does now with seven continents. Before the Flood, all modern continents probably were connected together as one mass. Today's oceans were covered by land perhaps a mile thick. It was probably a large solar flare that initiated great earthquakes (10-12 on the richter scale) that broke the thin earth cover letting the immense waters burst onto the land. This great magnetic pull expanded the earth pushing magma up to the surface like blowing up a balloon. Of course this volcanic activity caused 40 days of rainfall. At the end of 300 days, the bubble burst draining these oceans off the continents into the present formations we now have. The great volcanic & seismic activity of Rev.16:17-21 prove the certainty of this & probably are equal to the magnitude of the Flood. Man's existence has been guaranteed by GOD for 7007 years. Read My First Homepage for updated truths on flooding & the Flood.

SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES are in conformity with God's laws & science. Healing is the instant rejuvenation of the body through the normal processes. God's servant transfers electrical & spiritual energy which increase & speeds up the healing cells that normally would have prevented the infirmity in the first place. In a sense God slows down the "decaying" process & speeds up the healing force. These cells are empowered or strengthened to do the functions they would have done in the first place.

Many have speculated if another temple would be built in the last days.   Some say only an altar is needed for Dan.9:27 to be fulfilled.   Others want Herod's temple restored.   As scholars & Israeli officials have proclaimed for centuries, there were only two temples.   But that is a calculated LIE!!   Moses' tent was a portable TEMPLE!!   But the vast majority have discounted David's tabernacle as a temple.  I ignored this fact myself for most of my Biblical research life, as do the "scholars".   Thou David used a tent/tabernacle enclosed in a stone wall, his tent & Ark never went anywhere!!    His tent contained the Ark which the temple at Shiloah did NOT.   Solomon's temple followed; Zerrubbabel rebuilt a less impressive outward temple; Herod embellished on Zerrubbabel's temple.   FIVE temples!!   Only Levites can rebuild David's temple.   Jews can NOT.    This temple could be completed by summer!!!    LORD GOD bless them to build your tabernacle!!!   Hasten the end of man's madness & your return to earth.   The world will be blessed with your tabernacle among men.   In Jesus I ask it. Amen.

NOTE: IF ANYONE OUT THERE CAN SCAN IMAGES FOR ME AS A TAX-DEDUCTABLE DONATION, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT ONE OF THE ABOVE ADDRESSES OR VISIT MY HOMEPAGES & LEAVE A MESSAGE ON MY GUESTBOOK. I HAVE A FLOORPLAN OF EZEKIEL'S TEMPLE WHICH - JESUS - RULES FROM FOR 1000 YEARS. I CAN'T PUT IT ON MY PAGES. Help! Help! Jesus' Temple lasts for 1007 years. Why is that not important??!! If you would like a b/w copy of this floorplan, please send a SASE to me at the above address.


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