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52, Taman Manggis II, Kilang Lama • Kulim, Kedah Darulaman 09000 • MALAYSIA • 019-5607992 / 012-4121837 • Pentecostal

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The LORD's hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the LORD. The disciples were called Christians first at ANTIOCH... Acts 11: 21,26 OUR CHURCH IS JUST STARTED SIX YEARS AGO. WE MOVED TO NEW BUILDING AT ABOVE ADDRESS DUE TO EXPANSION. WE ARE IN NEEDS.WE DO MINISTRY AMONGST UNDERPREVILEDGED PEOPLE. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.

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Our Services & Events

Antioch Main Service (Tamil)

7.00 p.m. / Saturday

Sungai Kob Outreach Service

7.00 p.m. / Sundays

Home Fellowship

8.00 pm / Thursdays

Worship and Bible Study

7.00 p.m. / Fridays

Student Service

10.00 a.m./ Saturday

Hospital Visiting

Every Sunday Noon

Our Staff

Pastor Peter Souri

Senior Pastor •

Bro. Sam A.Savarimuthu

Secretary / Co-Minister •

Bro. Dr. Veerappen

Treasurer / Co-Minister •

Bro. Annadass

Co-Minister •

Bro. Thomas Savarimuthu

Co-Ministers •