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East Valley Church Fil-Am Assembly of God

4104 E. Shields (SW of Cedar), P. O. Box 28518 • Fresno, CA 93729-8518 • United States • (559) 229-9112 • AOG

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This Assembly of God was first founded by Pastors Sam and Arlene Somera (originally from The Philippines as Pastors. Sam graduated from Bethel Bible College in Manila the Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary of the Assemblies of God in Baguio in The Philippines. His Wife, Arlene, graduated from Immanuel Bible College (Assemblies of God) in Cebu City. They pastored their and Pastor Sam taught at a Southern Luzon Assemblies of God Bible College part-time.) They came and helped pioneer as Associate Ministers at the large and fast growing Daly City Crossroads Christian Fellowship Pil-Am Assembly of God). Then they traveled regularly to Fresno to pioneer a Pilipino-American Assembly of God, beginning in April, 1994, first meeting in homes. Then Cornerstone Assembly of God let them use some of their old location at Divisadero and Fresno. It has had an Assembly also in Lemoore at the Naval Base (but most moved away as relocating Naval personnel, etc.) Services are multi-cultural and mainly in English. Call for more information when the next one will be, if interested?
The National Fil-Am Assemblies of God Convention was held here in the Summer of 1997, and it was the largest in history with over 500 attending from the various parts U.S., Tahiti, and The Philippines over the July 4th Weekend. One of the speakers was the new Assistant Superintendent of Assemblies of God in The Philippines. The 2001 Convention set a new record with 1,000 approximately in attendance, July 4-7 in the California at the First Assembly ofGod on California St., where the Filipino Assembly of God also meets under Pastor Melvin. Pastor Sam Somera will havepart of the Friday service.
Soon after that the Assembly began to organize into its own separate Church or Assembly of God, under the Name of Faith Harvest Church under the encouragement of the Fil-Am Assemblies of God Fellowship. Primary emphasis is on reaching Filipino/Pilipino-Americans and new Immigrants and their relatives and friends (even if not Pilipinos). The Pastor speaks English and four Pilipino Dialects: Tagalog, Cebuano, Illocano (Visayan) and Ilongo (Hiligaynon). At least Monthly, on Sundays, there are Blessing Feasts after the Spiritual Feasts with Filipino (Pilipino) and American food brought by people in the Fellowship to share with all, with at times smaller portions brought for after-Church Fellowship on Sunday Mornings. The Pastor preaches mainly in English, but will use some Tagalog and even occasionaly Cebuano, depending on those present). Since Cornerstone Assembly of God sold their old Fresno and Divisadero location, to build a $6 million dollar expansion at their Wilson Theatre downtown main location to serve the thousands who attending at Fresno's fastest growing major church. This new location was provided by God for the first Sunday in August, 1999. On October 15th an afternoon 4th year celebration and 1st year in the new building (a lttle beyond that to accomodate schedules of people in the Assembly) was conducted with the Bakersfield First Filipino Assembly of God, which began four years ago and averages about 75 with three Pastors. A spiritual feast and physical feast was had be the packed church. This will help develop this Assembly as its own separate Fellowship in this central location near the new 168 Freeway by Cedar and Shields (SW corner) just North of Cedar Lanes, on Shields side near area 51.
Faith Harvest Church is becoming East Valley Church, after Pastor David Stinson retired and closed his Assembly of God renting several doors down in a larger facility. The congregation had declined in attendance as well. But his faithful work continues in helping this newer church plant expand with more classroom space in the same Central Fresno Region. Sectional Presbyter, Pastor Powell Lemons of Bethel Christian Center helped. He has conducted teams to The Philippines from various local Assemblies and a few others to hold crusades in villages there for twenty some years. His father was a missionary there. Hundreds of thousands have been saved and many Assemblies have begun. Now the work among the Immigrants and their generations can expand here as well and this Assembly encourages the work there and in other countries as well.


October 22 - Sunday afternoon began the first major annual use of the Assembly for the 60 plus members of the Filipino-Americans Veterans Association. The President who is an Evangelical Minister who ministered on F.E.B.C. with Fresno A/G retired missionary Paul Pipkin. These are those who are mostly retired immigrants who fought the Japanese enemy at the time alongside the U.S. and other allies during World War II. Pastor Sam Somera gave the closing prayer and was chosen as an honorary member. But he is still in God's military fighting for God and against Satan.

Coming soon on Friday nights are weekly area whole person Divine healing prayer and praise and Bible teaching services will occur under the leadership of Pastor Sam Somera and Dr. Erik Tamambo, M.D. (he used to do clinics in The Philippines and preach the Gospel) and was an Elder in the large Assembly of God in Davao, Mindanao (now running 1200 weekly average, founded in 1975)(Pastor Eddie Chea, who preached in late September, 2000). He ministers often in pre-service preparation exhortating, etc. His wife, Marianne (Mar Mar) is the song leader. This Assembly began about five years ago in their home. Call first.

Praise the Lord for the new donated van to pick-up people in the area (call). It was repaired with the free labor of the former Treasurer of the Church - Brother Bob of Clovis and his Foreign Car Repair Shop, who suggested the name for the church, an inspiration from the Lord.

The Pastor has steped out into full-time ministry as of after St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. This can be viewed as a honor to that great Protestant Celtic Missionary to early Ireland, leading 40% or 120,000 to Jesus Christ in 300 churches, before the ROman Catholic Church took them over.


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Larry Southwick of GOOD NEWS International! is an area Home Missionary attendee assisting in some ministry of helps in print media; on the internet; outreach; prayer; and encouraging the new Assembly and its attendees, under Senior Pastor Sam Somera.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School (classes)

Sunday: 10:15 a.m.

Morning Worship and Preaching

Sunday: 11:00 a.m.

Morning Worship in Tagalog

Sunday: 9:00 a.m.

Men's Fellowship

Wednesdays-7:00 p.m.

Mid-Week Prayer and Praise

Fridays - 6:30 p.m.

Women's Fellowship (call)

7:30 p.m.

Our Staff

Sam Somera

Senior Pastor / Founder •

Mrs. Sam (Arlene) Somera

Co-Founder/Minister of Children •

Dr. Erik (Marilou) Tomombo

Associate Pastor / Adult Bible Teacher •

Bernie Mercader(Wife: Cherry Ann)

Minister of Music / Youth (Teacher) •

Bani Duque and Abel Santos

Men's Ministries Director •