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Greater Blessings Church of God In Christ

1098 Paul Russell Road - Church, 1407 Wekewa Nene - Home • Tallahassee, FL 32301 • United States • 904/671-5978 • COGIC

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Church History, Affiliation, and Future Outlook

Greater Blessings Church of God in Christ was founded in 1989 by Mother Stella M. Stallworth. Mother Stallworth currently serves as the State Supervisor for the Northwest Florida Jurisdiction, under the leadership of Bishop John David Young, presiding prelate. Our national bishop is Bishop Chandler D. Owens. Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our community and as far as the Lord will allow us to reach. We desire to take back our families, our children, our spiritual will and motivation, and most of all, the joy that God has given us through his son Jesus Christ, where in we have the authority to recieve and maintain it. In 1994 Greater Blessings moved into Phase 1 of our building project. By faith we will continue to build a tabernacle for the Lord and we will achieve greater heights and deeper depths in his name.


I pray that the saints of God everywhere will continue to assert themselves to true holiness; for without which, no man shall see the Lord! As we move into another millenium, we must remain stedfast and hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering. Men and women are running to and fro and knowledge is increasing faster than ever before in the history of man. We must continue to trust in the knowledge of the truth, of which will keep us free. I endeavor to press forward, despite the ridicule of the enemy. I have one (1) primary goal in life, and that is to please the Lord. And if I have to suffer unto blood, so be it. My greatest reward is yet to come; when the Lord looks at my life and say, "well done thy good and faithful servant, enter ye into the kingdom of God". My teaching may not be popular, for we are living in a day where men (and women) do not desire sound doctrine, but have itching ears for fables. I must strive to teach the truth. The true word of God is food for our soul. Only a branch that is connected to the true vine will live. But the wages of sin is death. I admonish those that will to visit us at the Greater Blessings COGIC. We believe in the true manifestation of the Holy Ghost. It's the Holy Spirit that makes intercession for us, even when we don't know what to pray for. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness, on that solid rock I stand... for Jesus is that rock, and His personality is the anointing, the same anointing that destroys all yokes.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:00a.m. / Sunday

Morning Worship

11:30a.m. / Sunday

Bible Study

7:30p.m. / Tuesday

Doctrinal Teaching

8:00p.m. / Friday

Evangelistical Hour

TBA / Sunday Nights

Monthly Holy Ghost Revival


Our Staff

Elder J. Dominic Franklin III

Elder Rosenwald Stallworth

Pastor Emeritus/Spiritual Counselor •

Evangelist Stella Stallworth

Evangelist/Church Mother/Founder •

Sis. Anita Franklin-Cox

Praise & Worship Leader •

Sis. Clara Scurry

Program Coordinator •