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Anointed Word Ministries Church of God in Christ

Supt. William T. Stephens, III; Pastor, CHURCH DESTROYED DUE TO HURRICANE • New Orleans, LA 70127 • United States • • COGIC

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Mission Statement

To minister effectively to the whole man. To bring people into spiritual maturity, praise and worship. To be a powerful force in the community, transforming lives according to the Anointed Word of God.


The Anointed Word Ministries COGIC started out as a mere vision of Pastor and Founder, Supt. William T. Stephens, III. As the Lord dealt with the forth coming young pastor, Supt. Stephens wrote the vision down. Hopes and dreams of starting a ministry, styled after the early church, second to none with signs and wonders following, became embedded in the heart of Supt. Stephens. For many months in 1994 the Lord began to impress in the heart of Supt. Stephens, that he must leave the church in which he grew up in. It was hard to do, but in June of 1994 the Lord plainly said "it's time to go." Many were sadden by his departure, and many did not understand the move, but "as many that are led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God." God still did not give detailed directions to start a ministry right away, but a ministry was indeed in the making. In June 1994, Supt. Stephens was led by the Spirit to fellowship with the Mt. Sinai COGIC. Supt. Stephens explained to the pastor of that church, that his stay was only for a short time. Here, the Lord began to show Supt. Stephens many things concerning ministry. The people were blessed by his stay. In May 1996, Supt. Stephens began to hear the Spirit say "June". Right away he knew that the time was at hand. So in obedience to the Spirit, a search was made for a building to begin the ministry in. Supt. Stephens believed God would honor his request to supply a building, rather then start a home bible study. So in the latter part of June, a building was located for worship. That address was 9111 Palmetto St. Another ministry that shared in that building had just moved out, making it available for another ministry to move in! That's God's perfect timing. Supt. Stephens paid the first month's rent and on the first Sunday in August 1996, the Anointed Word COGIC was birthed. On that date, Supt. Stephens; his wife - Deborah; children - DeShun, Shandra and Danielle, along with some family and friends, came together for worship!!! The ministry started out with only five original members, more than the number the bible gives us (two or three) and now in less than two years, have grown into a healthy, thriving, Spirit-led, productive congregation. A congregation that has the Anointing and the approval of God. A congregation that will impact the community, transform lives according to the Anointed Word of God. Submitted 4-11-98 :wts Submitted May 1, 1998: wts Church motto: IF YOU FLOW IN THE ANOINTING, EXPECT TO RECEIVE A MIRACLE !!! CHURCH DESTROYED DUE TO HURRICANE KATRINA....PLEASE PRAY FOR US

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Our Services & Events

Prayer and Bible Study

Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Praise and Deliverance

Fridays 7:00 PM

Sunday School

Sundays 9:00 AM

Morning Manna Service

Sundays 10:30 PM

Holy Communion

Every 1st Sunday

Thursday Morning Glory Prayer

10:00 am

Our Staff

Supt. William Stephens

Senior Pastor and Founder •

Missy. Deborah Stephens

First Lady •

Elder Kevin Wilson

Asst. Pastor •

Missy. Denise Wilson

Administrator •