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Next Step Christian Church

12301 N. Grant, Meeting at the Journey Community Churc • Thornton, CO 80241 • United States • (303) 920-8782 • Baptist

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Statement of Belief

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Seventh Day Baptists are BAPTISTS!!!

As other Baptist churches they have congregational polity and they believe in believers baptism by immersion. As with all evangelical Christian churches, they believe in Salvation by GRACE alone through Faith in the atoning death of Jesus on the cross.

They are Sabbath observing Baptists because they believe in observing the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week because Jesus said that He is the Lord of the Sabbath and if we love Him we should keep His commandments.

Our Vision

The members of the Next Step Christian Church will love one other and live up to our full Christian potential jn order to be found mature and complete in Christ. We will accomplish this by the grace and power of God through worship, fellowship, service, holy living, evangelism, and edification.

* We will worship in honesty before God and in the power of the Holy Spirit on the Sabbath. (Worship)

* We will commit ourselves to regular attendance, participation in each others lives, and giving of money, time, and talents. (Fellowship)

* We will care for the community in loving ministry. (Service)

* We will encourage one another to lead holy lives motivated by our love for God and his word, the Bible. (Holy Living)

* We will share the gospel one person and one family at a time, in the places and relationships where God Has strategically called us. (Evangelism)

* We will equip fellow believers, leaders, and future pastors to fulfill their catling and use their spiritual gifts within the body of Christ and encourage them to increase in their knowledge of God and His Word, the Bible. (Edification)

Are you obedient to the vision?

I 2 -Invite and Include

Invite new people to our church

Include new people in our lives

Our church is a part of the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation and the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA and Canada, Ltd. and the Mid-Continent Association of Seventh Day Baptists.

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Camp Paul Hummel is located in the Rocky Mountains above the city of Boulder, Colorado and jointly operated by both the Denver and Boulder Seventh Day Baptist Churches.

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Our Services & Events

Sabbath School

Saturday 9:30 am

Childrens Play and Praise

Saturday 10:15am

Sabbath Worship Service

Saturday 11:00am

Coffee Hour

Saturday 10:00 am

Our Staff

Rodney Henry