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Southridge Outreach Centre

601 Eastlake Ave, (off of 8th Street E@12th Street E) • Saskatoon, Sk S7N 1A1 • Canada • 306-244-1987 • Other

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What do we believe...

We are a Charismatic, Bible-believing church, whose association is with the Lifelinks Association. You can visit their webpage @ to see the general practises of the church. We believe that all truth is in Jesus, and that the Bible is the revealed revelation of Him. The Bible is the source of faith of practise. It is God's logos word to His people, and is without error. The cross of Christ is the central theme of Christian belief and worship. The cross of Christ has opened the way for fallen creation to receive all things restored unto it. The way of cross is simple, yet a great mystery. However, thru faith in the finished work of Christ, we can live in VICTORY! For faith (in the finished work of Christ)is the victory that OVERCOMES the world! The church is the bride of Christ, hence 'The Family of God'. The church is founded on Christ the cornerstone who laid the foundation of ministries. Apostle, Prophet, Evangelizer, Pastor and Teacher are the gifts given to the church for the work of the ministry, and the edification of the saints. We believe that there is a 5-fold calling on the church of today. Southridge is made-up of believers from all Christian backgrounds and traditions who have been touched by the River of God! Freedom reigns in our Celebration services as the Holy Spirit has His way to exalt Jesus...the KING of all Kings, and the Lord of all lords!!!

In Our Community...

You will sense the intimate touch of the Father. All that we do reflects the fact that we are the children of God. 'Outreach' is our middle name, and that is what we desire to do, be it by CELL GROUPS, or one-on-one connection. We want to see Jesus lifted high, and by different ways of bringing His message of hope the seekers, we desire to see the Kingdom of God expanded! Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can get to the Father, unless they go thru the Son. We have... *Food ministry *Prision ministry *Single mothers outreach *Youth program *College Age-Young Adult ministry *as well as other ministries that YOU will belong in! *

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Celebration

10 a.m Sunday

Our Staff

Kevin Doell

Lead Pastor •

Brett Watson

Associate and Worship Pastor •

Gord Kapeller

Youth Ministries Pastor •