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Holy Tabernacle COGIC

3417 North Leroy Avenue, Honorary Rev. Robert J. Criss, Sr. Way • Peoria, IL 61604 • United States • Pentecostal

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Pastor's Vision (To Be Updated)

Holy Greetings in the matchless name of our soon coming Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (To Be Updated)

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School 2 Weeks In A Row

Tuesday 7:00 PM

Morning Worship

Sunday 12:00 PM

Bible Study 2 Weeks In A Row

Tuesday 7:00 PM

Prayer Service

Friday 7:00 PM

SS / BS / Prayer Service

Online Line

Our Staff

The Late Supt. Emeritus Robert J. Criss, Sr.

Founder •

Elder Robert J. Criss, Jr.

Elder Michael J. Burrell, Sr.

Asst. Pastor •