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First Baptist Church of Eastport

208 Chesapeake Avenue, • Annapolis, MD 21403 • United States • (410) 268-7378 • SBC

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At First Baptist Church Eastport, We are Family. You won't get lost in a crowd here. There are plenty of loving folks who will meet and greet you; Praise & Worship the Lord with you; Fellowship with you; Minister with you and to you; And always send you home with a smile and a hug. We are one of the most loving and caring churches in the Greater Annapolis/Baltimore region. We are a relaxed and casual church, so come as you are. Boaters and visitors to Annapolis are especially welcome. We are also open to people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Come and experience the difference a small, Christ-centered, community church can make in your life. You'll be glad you did.


Since our beginnings in 1887, our mission has remained the same:

To Reach "The Lost" with the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ; Nurture and Disciple Christians to prepare them for Works of Service and Effective Daily Living; and Train, Empower, Pray for, Send, and Support Christians on Missions and Ministry Outreach.

Our primary tool for accomplishing this mission is the inspired, innerant Word of God. Each week, the timeless truths of the Bible are preached, taught, and lived in all aspects of our fellowship.

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Our Services & Events

Bible Study/Sunday School

9:45 A.M./Sundays

Sunday Morning Worship

11:00 A.M./Sundays

Sunday Evening Worship

7:00 P.M./Sundays

Prayer, Praise, & Bible Study

7:00 P.M./Wednesdays