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Christ Anglican Catholic Church of New Orleans

4316 North Woodlawn Avenue, • Metairie, LA 70006-2846 • United States • 504-456-7170 • Anglican

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The parish of Christ Church was founded within the Anglican Catholic Church to continue the traditional Anglican practices and beliefs common around the world up until the last several decades. It rejects the liberal theological stance of its parent Episcopal Church and seeks to associate itself with the one faith believed in all places, at all times, by all peoples--in short, the faith delivered to the saints by our Lord Himself. As God, he understood our needs and our dangers better than we and so provided for his Church during his life, death, resurrection and ascension. We do not feel free to "improve" on that faith. We do believe that it is the very power of God to resolve broken lives, heal the spiritually, mentally and physically wounded, and, through the sacraments of the Church, to infuse us, singly and corporately, with the Holy Spirit to live a renewed life, dedicated to God and to our neighbors. We invite all to join in the celebration of that faith and to live it with us day by day.


The Church is located at the corner of North Woodlawn and West Esplanade, one block east of Clearview Pkwy. Take I-10 to the Clearview North exit, continue on Clearview until the intersection with a Blockbuster Video on the right, turn right and travel one block...... See our webpage at The Church office and mailing address: 3841 Veterans Memorial Blvd. #205 Metairie LA 70002-5624 Phone: (504) 456-1070 Fax: (504) 456-1075

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Our Services & Events

Holy Eucharist

8 am Sunday

Holy Eucharist

10:30 am Sunday

Holy Eucharist

6:30 pm M, Tu, Th, F

Holy Eucharist

Noon, W; 11 am Sat

Church School & Bible Study

9:30 am Sunday

Bible Study

7:30 pm Tuesday

Our Staff

The Ven. Donald B. Rice

Rector •

The Rev. Fr. Roger Hartline

Priest Associate •