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Route #12, 7 Miles North Of Keene,N.H. • Westmoreland, NH 03467 • United States • 603-357-2313 • Other

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In our WORSHIP SERVICES, we endeavor to worship the Triune God in both a reverent and cheerful manner. We seek to make all our services meaningful, but we make no effort to entertain. Attention is paid to the Biblical content of the hymns we sing. The reading of Holy Scripture, a pastoral prayer and the offering of our gifts to God are important elements of each worship service. The greatest part of each service is devoted to the preaching of God's Word. We believe and teach the absolute sovereignty of God. Salvation is by the grace of God alone, on the basis of the atoning sacrifice of Christ and completely apart from human merit or will. Nevertheless God commands all people to repent from their sins and to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The gracious work of the Holy Spirit is to give a new nature to dead sinners and to increase the holiness of every child of God. We are located 10 minutes north of Keene, N.H. or 15 minutes south of Bellows Falls, VT on route # 12 in Westmoreland.


"There are certain doctrines called Calvinistic, which I think commend themselves to the minds of all thoughtful persons for this reason mainly - they ascribe to God everything." Charles Spurgeon

"Is your heart resting upon Jesus Christ? Does it meditate upon Divine things? Is your heart a humble heart? Are you constrained to ascribe all to sovereign grace? Do you desire holiness? Do you find pleasure in it? Does your heart ascribe praises to God? Is it a grateful heart? And is it a heart that is wholly fixed upon God, desiring to never go astray? It it be, then you have the marks of election." Charles Spurgeon

"If God requires of the sinner, dead in sin, that he should take the first step, then he requires just that which renders salvation as impossible under the gospel as it was under the law, since man is as unable to believe as he is to obey." Charles Spurgeon

"I take it that the highest proof of Christ's power is not that he offers salvation, not that he bids you take it if you will, but that when you reject it, when you hate it, when you despise it, he has a power whereby he can change your mind, make you think differently from your former thoughts, and turn you from the error of your ways." Charles Spurgeon

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Our Services & Events

Lord's Day Morning Worship

10:30 a.m.

Lord's Day Evening Worship

6 P.M.

Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

7:30 P.M. Wednesday

Youth Meeting

Once/Month - Friday

Our Staff

Ken Sanders