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Workmen Ministries International

P.O. Box 228, 57 E. Washington St. • San Angelo, TX 76902-0228 • United States • 915-655-3971

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Who We Are:

Workmen Ministries International, W.M.I., is a non-profit missionary organization established in 1989. The purpose is to conduct, and facilitate others in conducting, evangelistic endeavors; church planting and growth; and mercy missions. W.M.I. is trans-denominational. Our volunteers are available for speaking engagements, mission awareness and mobilization seminars and project workshops. More information about W.M.I. or any of the ministries it facilitates may be obtained by contacting: Workmen Ministries International P.O. Box 228 57 E. Washington Drive San Angelo, Texas 76902-0228 (915) 655-3971

Local & International Mission outreaches

* Casa La Esperanza Children's Home
		 provides orphaned and abandoned children with all the necessities of life in a family-style setting.  
			The children receive a full academic education in addition to sound biblical instruction.  Casa la 
			Esperanza is located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.
* Church Assistance Program
			aids and encourages church planting efforts in the US and abroad. Several tools are used to meet 
			these needs including seminars, leadership training and counseling.

* Medical Missions
			are utilized to "break the ice" in a new or unfriendly area selected for evangelism. By meeting 
			the physical needs of the people, they become more receptive to the "practical love" an message
		 of Jesus.
* Harvest Times Journal
			is a compilation of mission reports an newsletters from a variety of Christian ministries. It is 
			It is published bimonthly and is distributed through direct mail.

* African Missionary Alliance 
			has planted seven churches in Nigeria through the work of Missionary Christopher Egbombah. The number
   of churches keeps growing in spite of terrible persecution.  

* Short Term Teams
			provide assistance on a physical level through construction, networking, and child evangelism.
* Perspectives Study Program
			is a course on the World Christian Movement with the objective of providing the necessary perspective
		 for effective participation in the task of workd evangelization and international developement. New 
   avenues and opportunities for obedience to God's imperative of involvement in world missions, at home
   and abroad, are explored.

* Jesus Video Project's 
			goals are to offer a gift of Jesus to every home in the United States by mobilizing the local church to
   walk around their blocks praying for their neighbors, offering their neighbors a free video, and being
   available to encourage and disciple those who are interested in a personal relationship with our Lord. 
   Locally, the purpose is to unite the evangelical churches and ministries of the Concho Valley in a 
   prayer and evangelism thrust to reach as many people as possible in our cities with the gospel of Jesus 

* March For Jesus'
			Vision is to see churches united in public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christians working 
   together to impact their city with praise, prayer and proclamation.

* Missionary Transport Service
			provides air travel for missionaries needing to get to unusual destinations quickly. Captain Art Reno 
   oversees this project.

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