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Monday, March 2, 2015

This devotionals page is here to aid your personal devotional time. It contains links to most of the Christian devotions on the Internet, including graphics, links to the current day's devotion, and a bible verse look-up. May God bless you through your use of this page and the devotionals found here.

Notes from some of our page's visitors:

I have been using this site on a daily basis for my early morning devotion. I have always read and heard from others how to get into a habit of daily readings. They had always suggested the same time and place to make a habit for this critical area of the spiritual life. I never realized how true this is until I started to open up your webpage. My computer does not move, and I am led to the same place daily. I have enjoyed these readings so much that it is the first thing I do each and every day that I am in my home.

I have "My Utmost for His Highest" in book form, but now with just a "click" I get my reading in a snap. I have grown to really enjoy and be blessed with many other sites on your webpage. Campus Journal, Daily Guideposts and Daily Wisdom have brought me to a deeper understanding and conviction in my responsibility before God on how to live the life He has given to me. Thank you for this site.

Audrey Fitzgerald


I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your devotional page. I have it set as my default page in Navigator so it comes up whenever I go online and thus prompts me to take a moment before I get to work for an added devotional moment. Thanks

I am a pastor [Calvary Chapel of Sacramento] and we are about to put up a page for our church soon.

Thanks - may the Lord bless you for your ministry.

John Cowan


I just want to thank you for placing this great devotional webpage on the internet. It has become a great source of encouragement and strength for me as a University student. I find that it offers an excellent place to relax during an often busy day, when it is so easy to put off getting alone with God the way we should. Thanks again for using our new technology for something so good and beneficial -- I've made it my default page!

Mark C. Peters, B.Sc. (Applied Mathematics/Physics minor)
Memorial University of Newfoundland


I would like to thank Netministries for the wonderful Devotionals. It is a great source of inspiration to me and my fellow believers at work.

In our business it is sometimes (a lot of times) difficult to love thy neighbour, but this page gives us hope and reminds us of the grace that we receive each day from our Father above. Also how to live it!!

I truly hope that others will be blessed by the Netministries' page just as I have been. Your page gives me the guidance I need every day.

Keep up with the GOOD WORD.

Thank you.

R. Badenhorst Bellville South Africa


E-mail Based Devotions

o The Burning Bush Devotional

o The Christian Worker

o Daily Contentment - a daily devotional by Howard Ford.

o Daily Devotion - a daily devotional produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries and Concordia Publishing House.

o The Daily Journey - a daily devotional.

o Daily Manna from the 'Net - a daily Bible verse from the International Bible Society.

o Devotional E-Mail - "a daily scripture, short story, quote and challenge M-F."

o E-Meditations - A weekday message from the Bible.

o A Final Request - A Daily Devotional E-mail.

o God's Minute - A Daily Devotional E-mail.

o Good Passage - A Daily Devotional E-mail.

o I Love The Lord - A Periodic Devotional E-mail from four young men.

o Jesus Saves Ministries - A Daily Devotional E-mail sent in a once a week package.

o Just A Daily Thought - A Daily "Devotional is sent out daily by e-mail."

o Prince of Peace, Palatine, IL - daily, except Sunday devotion. E-mail info at their page. Also, en Espaņol.

o Random Thought - a 3-5 times a week devotion from various authors.

o Rest Ministries - a daily devotion especially for those living with daily chronic pain and illness.

o Sammy Tippit Ministries - a weekly devotional.

o Sheep Trax - a daily devotional especially for International students. E-mail info at their page.

o This Day's Thought - a daily thought.

o Tidbits Devotional - a weekday devotional. E-mail info at their page.

o Thought for Today - a weekday devotional from Valley Baptist Church. E-mail info at their page.

o The Word for Today - a daily devotional from The Vine.

o The Word of Truth - a daily devotional.

o Wows to Wows Ministries - a daily devotional.

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