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The King's Church (Katherines & Sumners)

Red Willow, Katherines estate • Harlow, Essex • United Kingdom • 01279-419335 • Non-denominational

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About the King's Church - character

We are a multicultural group of people who not only "go to church"; but are a part of the Christian church across Harlow and throughout the world. Everyone is made welcome. Because God is our Father we do our best to behave in the way that a family should behave; loving, caring, sharing, protecting, providing and giving. We want to behave like a family where everyone and anyone is welcome - a multicultural family relating to one another with understanding and without prejudice.

About the King's Church - why we meet

We meet together to get close to and worship God, our Father, and the Lord, Jesus Christ. We meet together to teach and be taught. We meet together to enjoy friendship and fellowship with each other. We meet together to pray for one anothers needs and for the needs of the community, the nation and beyond.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday morning (all ages)

10.30 am - noon

Home groups

as announced

Prayer triplets

weekly as arranged

Our Staff

Michael Yarrow