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The Alive Church

P.O. Box 36465, • Los Angeles, CA 90036 • United States • (213) 933-0347 • Non-denominational

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About Our Pastor

At Just 26, Pastor Shavar Ross has accomplished many things already. He began his acting career at the tender age of eight years old, doing numerous commercials and TV shows like "Benson", "Alice", and "The White Shadow". You may best remember Shavar in his portrayal of "Dudley", Gary Coleman's best friend on the hit 1980's TV show "Diff'rent Strokes". His most recent work has been the recurring portrayal of "Weasel" on ABC-TV's "Family Matters".

Six years ago Pastor Ross became a Born-Again Christian and felt the call of God on his life to go into full time ministry. Patiently waiting God's next move, Shavar continued acting while enrolling in the Ministry Training Institute at Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, California. As of now, Shavar is no longer acting in the television and motion picture industry. Because of the many roles he had to turn down over the years that compromised his Christian values and knowing the call of God on his life, Shavar and his talent agency mutually agreed it was time for him to move on into full time ministry. After four years of ministry school, Shavar recently graduated in the summer of 1996.

About Our Church

The Alive Church was started in January of 1997. A young new pastor for a young new generation in an old glamorous town. The Alive Church is located in the heart of Hollywood, California. Pastor Ross and the congregation plan on reaching the lost souls caught up in the entertainment industry as well as the unchurched in the area. So far the foundation of the church is being laid...people getting to know each other, who does what, etc. The Alive Church welcomes all visitors and those who have a desire to be apart of our church and vision. This church is "4 Real"!

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