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Diocese of the Great Lakes

2415 McCann Road • Hastings , MI 49058 • United States • (269) 948-9327 • Anglican

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A History of the Diocese


    This jurisdiction was constituted in 1998 when the bishops of the Independent Anglican Diocese of Ontario and the Independent Anglican Missionary District of the USA approved the merger of the two in order to create a new and self-governing "Diocese of the Great Lakes" for Eastern Canada and the neighboring American states.  Clergy and parishes are currently located in Michigan and New York. An active program of ministry to nursing homes is maintained.

   Over the course of its history, the Diocese has worked for the advancement of Continuing Anglican unity in cooperation with a number of other church bodies. It was a member of the Anglican Church, Inc. prior to the dissolution of that body and was a founding member of the NORTH AMERICAN ANGLICAN CONFERENCE that promoted mutual assistance among Evangelical Anglicans.

   In 2001, the Diocese of the Great Lakes entered into an agreement of mutual assistance and full communion with the UNITED EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA. That partnership was changed to one of union in July, 2014 when the Diocese was admitted into membership in the United Episcopal Church as its diocese for the provinces of Eastern Canada and the American Great Lakes states.



Worship in the Diocese of the Great Lakes:

--Ss. Andrew and Matthias Independent Anglican Church, Hastings (Village of Irving), MI  
-- Rt. Rev. David T. Hustwick

  Also worshipping at Woodlawn Meadows (Hastings), Thornapple Manor (Hastings), Hanover House (Hastings), and Harvest Pointe (Hastings) nursing facilities (see above link) . 


--St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Williamsville, NY --  Rt. Rev. Paul Slish


--All Saints Anglican Church, Traverse City, MI --  Rev. Kurt Henle, Rev. Winston Rowlett


--Sovereign Grace Mission has relocated. Current information about its online services will be forthcoming shortly.  



Beliefs and Practices

   By its Constitution, the Diocese affirms the Holy Scriptures as inerrant in all matters of Faith and believes them to contain all that is necessary for salvation. The King James Version of the Bible is used in corporate worship, and the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion are accepted as correct in their original meaning. In the United States, the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is the standard for use in all worship services.

   The Apostolic and historic practice of men alone being ordained as bishops,  priests, and deacons is maintained by the National Church and by this Diocese.

   The DGL is not affiliated with the Charismatic or "Ecumenical" movements and is not a member of such organizations as the National or World Councils of Churches.





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Our Services & Events

Diocesan Convention:

July 12, 2024


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Our Staff

Rt. Rev. David Thomas Hustwick

Bishop Ordinary 2004-present •

Rt. Rev. Paul Slish

Assistant Bishop 2022-present •

Rt. Rev. Jackson Worsham, Jr.

Bishop Emeritus • (Bishop Ordinary, 2002-2004)

Rt. Rev. John M. Pafford

Bishop, retired •