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Let Your Light Shine to the World Through the Internet.

...let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (emphasis ours) Matthew 5:16 NIV.

In this verse Jesus lets us know that all are called to be light for Christ that He might be known to all people, and this is where Net Ministries comes in. We are a non-profit corporation created to support your Christian charitable organization, ministry, or church by providing you a presence on the Internet. This Internet presence, is just another way your "light" will shine in this world to glorify God.

If we truly must "go into all the world" then the light of Christ needs to shine through the Internet. Internet is the emerging communications medium of the 21st century. It enables computers around the world to send and receive text, pictures, audio, and even video information. Anyone, from an individual to the largest company can utilize this resource.

Our Background.

Our three Directors, pictured here, greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thank you for your interest in Net Ministries.

Net Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Christianity through effective Internet use. Our goal is to make the Internet a tool for Christ.

Founded in 1995 by two Christian professionals, seeking to use their technical skills for the Lord, Net Ministries has grown to serve about 21,000 churches and 7,000 ministries through Internet listings, over 13,000 churches and 2,700 ministries by providing a Web presence.

Net Ministries is non/inter-denominational and independent, serving all who adhere to the core Christian beliefs as espoused in the Apostles' Creed. Our funding comes from private donations and users of our services.

Awards received by Net Ministries

Free Web Page and Directory Listing

Net Ministries is dedicated to enabling any Christian church, charity, or ministry to have an Internet presence. The most popular way to participate on the Internet is to create a Web page. A Web page can be sent, on demand, to any computer screen, and may contain text, images, audio, and links to other pages.

Basic Web Page - By simply completing a form a basic page can be created automatically. This page would include an organizations name address, phone number, contact persons, and text areas which can describe any information the organization would like to publicize.

Directory Listing - organizations may be searched for by name, location, and other keywords which describe the organization.

Basic page and directory update tools - without needing to know HTML you can update information on a basic page and directory.

Custom Design Access - you can have access to customize the look and content of your page.

Our Home Page Works for You

In addition to hosting your Web page, Net Ministries serves as a convenient site for you and your Web page visitors to find Christian resources, devotions and biblical material. We also host Conferences or Chat sessions on selected topics over the Internet and audio messages.

Those who visit our Home Page are able to locate your page and find your organization through a keyword directory.

Devotional Material - Net Ministries has links to the best devotional material on the Internet and plans to continually host new material from various devotional writers.

Links to churches, charities, ministries, and other Christian resources on the Internet can be found through our Home Page.

Net Ministries Offers Additional Inexpensive Services

We are here to meet your Internet requirements, to allow you to maximize the impact of your message. Some examples of additional support we offer are:

Custom Web page design

If you have a lot information to share, wish to improve your communication by adding graphics, or you have several subjects to present we can design a custom page just right for you. It can include everything from current events to the church's history.

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